Operation Stop Bernie leaves Warren alone

Operation Stop Bernie leaves Warren alone

It was a banner 24 hours for Operation Stop Bernie, wasn’t it?  They drove Buttigieg out on Sunday and sent Klobuchar packing on Monday.

Hell, they even hustled the arm-flailing doofus out of obscurity to offer his endorsement to their chosen candidate.

Naturally, some folks are wondering why Operation Stop Bernie is leaving Pocahasbeen in place to fight another day.

I have some ideas.

While it is difficult to get into the deranged minds of the Democrats, I suppose it’s possible Operation Stop Bernie believes Warren will cut into Bernie Sanders’ support.

If they do, I think they’re wrong.

Sanders supporters despise the snake.

I just went to Liz’s Twitter timeline and most of the replies to her recent tweets are some form of “Drop out. Endorse Bernie” or “Drop out. Endorse Biden.”

This is why I’ve been saying for a month that Pocahasbeen is the John Kasich of 2020.  Because, by golly, she’s going to stay in and get that nomination even if you stupid people won’t vote for her!

But her continued presence in the race isn’t hurting Bernie.

If anything Pocahasbeen’s quixotic quest is getting in the way of Biden winning over the cul-de-sac busybodies and the bitter Hillary supporters who haunt Twitter.

But she won’t make a dent in Bernie’s support – any more than Kasich made a dent in Trump’s.

Now, it’s also possible that the forces behind Operation Stop Bernie tried to get Warren to quit and she flat-out refused.

She is, after all, the John Kasich of 2020.  And like Kasich before her, Warren resolutely believes she is the only one who can be President.

Like Kasich, she hopes to force a brokered convention where she can swoop in and win the nomination.

But if she does get in Biden’s way, I’m sure Operation Stop Bernie will find a way to force her out — even if they have to offer her a sweet quid pro quo to do it.

To be honest with you, I still can’t get over how brazen this Operation Stop Bernie has been.  They really aren’t hiding it, are they?

But we know how these people operate.  They’re like icebergs. What we see in the open is only a fraction of what’s going on.  And I can’t help but wonder what kind of nefarious plans to scuttle Bernie are lurking beneath the surface.

Has the DNC’s shifty law firm made any large payment to Fusion GPS lately?  Is Christopher Steele wandering around Russia asking his oligarch buddies about Bernie? Does anyone know if Alexandra Chalupa has flown to Ukraine looking for “proof” of Bernie’s collusion with the Kremlin?

It’s not like they haven’t tried that before.

These guys can’t leave it up to the voters.  And if they’re this in-your-face in trying to monkey-wrench Bernie on Super Tuesday, I’m thinking they have several less-in-your-face irons in the fire as well.

Whatever’s going on, it’s clear that, for now, the Stop Bernie Movement doesn’t see Liz Kasich Warren as an obstacle to their plans.

I wonder how Liz feels knowing that the power behind Operation Stop Bernie doesn’t see her as much of a threat.

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6 thoughts on “Operation Stop Bernie leaves Warren alone

  • March 3, 2020 at 11:59 am

    Or,,,, They have concerns about Biden kicking the bucket or going completely off the rails and attacking someone at a rally before the election. Because we all know either of those things could happen.

    • March 3, 2020 at 5:16 pm

      The same can be said for Bernie. lol.
      Only Bernie would have someone do the violence FOR him.

  • March 3, 2020 at 6:44 pm

    I really thought she would be the next one to fold. But, I guess her ego is way too big.

  • March 4, 2020 at 3:20 am

    “This is why I’ve been saying for a month that Pocahasbeen”

    You might want to use her first name, Dianny! It’s “Who’dwanna”! ?

  • March 4, 2020 at 7:32 am

    Donna nutting up on Ronna yesterday when confronted about the backstabbing of Bernie in 2016 was a big tell that they’d prefer we’d just shut up about how they’re going to shiv him this time.

    I though they were leaving Liz on to siphon Bernie votes, but the Kasich ploy makes more sense. She’s just a stubborn crank who knows that nobody will pick her for VP, so she’s campaigning to the bitter end intil the people realize how awesome she is.

    Also she cannot bear to have Trump tweet goodbye when she drops out. He broke her years ago, and she still hadn’t accepted that fact.

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