Oprah Fever: Milo nails it

Milo on Oprah Fever

After posting my piece on the Oprah fever coming out of Hollywood and the news media, I happened over to Dangerous and watched this video from the MILO SHOW.

And let me tell you something. When it comes to explaining the sudden Oprah Fever, Milo nails it.

I’ve cued it up to the pertinent portion, but after you watch it, you’ll definitely want to carve out the time to play it from the beginning:

“She absolved them of their sins.”

“And now they can go forward in the world feeling like they fixed something.”

Milo’s take on Oprah Fever being a proxy for religious faith is brilliant.

If you only watched the cued up portion, please take the time to revisit the entire 13-minute clip because it is an excellent take on Hollywood’s phoniness over #MeToo.

And it gives me one more reason to look forward to Milo’s upcoming book Despicable.

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