Outsmarting idiots

It doesn’t take much to get the better of Barack Obama.

When the man occupying what should be the most powerful office in the world is a campus Marxist and ideologue who has yet to mature much beyond the mental age of a sheltered, pampered college boy with delusions of grandeur, getting the better of him on the world stage doesn’t take a lot of skill.

If I liked Obama even a little, I think I might actually feel sorry for him.

But I despise him. So I feel sorry for the United States.

It isn’t that Vladimir Putin is a diabolical genius. It’s just that Barack Obama is so easily bested.

Vladimir Putin always acts with the national interests of Russia in mind.

That’s not brilliant. That’s what leaders of powerful countries are supposed to do.

It’s what Presidents of the United States used to do too.

Until Barack Obama.

Whether it is domestic policy, foreign policy, or national security, Barack Obama never acts in the national interests of the United States.


How difficult is it for Putin to outsmart Obama?

Putin is like the Harlem Globetrotters and Obama the hapless team that loses to them.

If we had a president who sought to advance US national interests both at home and abroad, Putin wouldn’t be able to get the better of him.

Putin isn’t outsmarting a genius. He’s outsmarting idiots.

Like that’s hard.

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter holds a press conference yesterday to discuss Russia’s involvement in Syria and naturally, because he’s an Obama flunky, the conversation veers off topic and lands on the subject of girls in combat.

See the problem?

On Monday, Obama declared to the United Nations, “I lead the strongest military that the world has ever known, and I will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies, unilaterally and by force where necessary.”

Tough talk, that.

Too bad it’s bullshit.

Yes, the United States has the strongest military the world has ever known, but Barack Obama isn’t leading them. He is weakening them. He is gutting our military, making cuts to the number of active duty combat vets, reducing the size of our Navy. And he is demoralizing them.

That isn’t leading the strongest military the world has ever known. That is destroying the strongest military the world has ever known.

“I will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies, unilaterally and by force where necessary?”

What nonsense.

Obama is the greatest threat to our country and our allies. He is unilaterally taking action to weaken us militarily, weaken our borders and our national sovereignty, weaken us economically.

Would a President who would actually “never hesitate to protect” this country grant fifteen hundred Muslim terrorists asylum in the US? Would he fling open our borders and flood this nation with tens of thousands of poor, uneducated foreign nationals? Would he negotiate with the number one state sponsor of terrorism?

The only thing Obama will not hesitate to do is undermine US national interests at every turn.

You think it’s difficult for another powerful country to outsmart us with a man like this in the White House?

It isn’t that Putin is a brilliant leader. It’s that Obama doesn’t lead at all.

If you haven’t done so, go to this LINK and read Obama’s entire speech to the UN from Monday. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry or suck a tailpipe.

His idealistic, “We are the World,” collectivist bullshit will make your head spin.

It isn’t that Putin is a genius. It’s just that Obama doesn’t exist in the real world.

And herein lies the problem.

When you are surrounded by enemies who live in the real world, all the idealistic twaddle Obama spews doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. And because Obama surrounds himself with faculty-lounge foreign policy know-nothings and fellow Marxist ideologues, is it any wonder the US is outmatched on the world stage?

And it always boils down to these two questions:

Is Obama just an incompetent peacenik and ideologue like Jimmy Carter whose ignorance and naivetĂ© is squandering America’s standing in the world?

Or is Obama deliberately seeking the decline of the United States?

In the end it doesn’t matter.

Whether Obama has brought us to this point out of blind stupidity or anti-American cunning, the end result is the same.

America is no longer the beacon of freedom and liberty, the superpower poised to beat back the dark night of tyranny both at home and abroad.

We have become a laughingstock. A punchline. A useful idiot easily outsmarted even by greedy, two-bit thugs like Putin.

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4 thoughts on “Outsmarting idiots

  • October 1, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    I don’t think it was a coinkidink that the first targets the Russians bombed were the American backed “moderate rebels” fighting Assad, just another kick to the groin to Obama from Putin.

  • October 2, 2015 at 11:11 am

    Yes, i do understand what you are saying…but “Putin is like the Harlem Globetrotters and Obama the hapless team that loses to them.” is not, I think very apt. When the Globetrotters play, their opponents are at least a normally competent, professional, team. This is more like the school team playing against the handicapped kids that have no coach.

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