Palm Sunday in Havana

Palm Sunday in Havana

On the heels of having to be dragged kicking and screaming into admitting that ISIS is committing genocide against Christians in the Middle East, Barack Obama finds yet another way to crap all over Christianity.

Of all days to make his triumphal entry into Havana, Barack Hussein Obama chooses Palm Sunday.

I guarantee you it was not a coincidence.

This is the Optics Administration. These people orchestrate events down to the tiniest detail.

They chose Palm Sunday for a reason.

Of course, instead of riding in on a humble ass while crowds of people waving palm fronds shouted, “Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord,” Obama arrived on his posh luxury jumbo-jet surrounded by a phalanx of security and staff then was whisked away in his twelve ton limousine.

The only ass , of course, was Obama.

Let’s be honest here. It isn’t really much of a “triumphal entry” as it is the complete, unconditional surrender to Cuba by an American President.

And the only thing by way of a miracle was Obama deplaning carrying his own umbrella.


I guess there was no Marine available.

The other day, the UK Telegraph had an article about some prominent Cuban dissidents who were ambivalent about Obama’s impending visit. After all, Obama doesn’t seem to be putting any pressure on the Castros to change their evils ways.

Berta Soler, the leader of the dissident group “Ladies in White” is refusing to accept the invitation to meet Obama at the former US consulate, now embassy in Havana.

“It’s not the moment,” she said. “He would be very welcome if things were getting better. But it’s not. Nothing has changed.”

Just a heads up, Berta. Obama doesn’t want things to change in Cuba. Because, really? He doesn’t have a problem with communism. And since Cuba isn’t a Muslim country, Obama really won’t lift a finger to get you out from under a brutal dictator.

What Mrs. Soler fails to understand (and, frankly, why should she understand) is that this visit to Cuba isn’t about the Cuban people, or human rights, or freedom or liberty. It’s about Obama’s legacy.

The Cuban people are nothing more than props — a conveniently tropical backdrop in Obama’s quest to make himself look like a Savior. When in reality, all he really looks like is the Castro brothers’ ass.

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2 thoughts on “Palm Sunday in Havana

  • March 21, 2016 at 10:23 am

    DITCH THIS CLOWN IN CUBA, TODAY, … RIGHT NOW!!! Grab you sh!t and load up into that big shiny aircraft that belongs to We the People, and LEAVE HIS SORRY A$$ THERE. If they love this POS so much let them have him, and his entourage. If he thinks that Cuba is the LAND OF MILK AND HONEY let him stay there. It sounds like a Win-Win-WIN. That last WIN is for We the People. I hear there are a few empty bunks at GITMO! …DONE!

  • March 21, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    Seriously Folks!! Ditch this TOAD today. Check out The Right Scoop’s article here:

    This is our National Embarassment, aka, El pResidente hanging with Che and Friends, while the Star Spangled Banner Plays. Note his arms down by his side, instead of the proper stance of right hand over his heart. This fool has no respect what-so-ever for this Nation, nor the sacrifices made by men and women patriots throughout our history and expressed by the National Anthem and our Flag. Wait for it, he will sign over GITMO to the damn Cubans to further stain this Nation with his legacy. I say get our aircraft, military crewmembers, limos and the USSS men and women out of there NOW. Leave this disrespectful despot there with his friends. DITCH HIS SORRY A$$! Start proceedings immediately to canx the rest of the entourage’s citizenships and deny them any possibility of return to these UNITED STATES! Enough is Enough!! FRIGGIN COMMUNIST BAT-RASTARDS one and all!

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