’s Summer Fundraiser

2019 Summer Fundraiser

We’re ambling toward summer and that means it’s once again time for’s Summer Fundraiser.

If you’ve been considering making a donation, this week is the perfect time!

Patriot Retort operates solely on contributions and limited ads.  I have no Daddy Warbucks benefactor (though I do have a thing for bald men).

And my own personal abhorrence to websites that are jam-packed with ads prevents me from loading up this site with ads that pop-up, auto-play video, flash, jiggle, interrupt the flow of content and make a general nuisance of themselves.

Between web hosting fees, Cloudflare Security fees and all around expenses related to running a website, it can be a temptation to load up on ads.  But I just won’t do it – mostly because it’s annoying as hell.  So that’s why twice a year I hold a week-long fundraiser.

And as I do every fundraiser, I’ll be holding a raffle for everyone who donates.  This summer fundraiser raffle prize will be coupons to download all five of my e-books absolutely free!  Because it wouldn’t be much of a prize if they weren’t free.

Any old how.

You can make a 1-time donation by hitting the DONATE button in the right sidebar.  Or, if you want to set up a recurring monthly contribution, you can hit the SUBSCRIBE button in the right sidebar.

And if you don’t feel comfortable paying via the PayPal DONATE button, you are more than welcome to send a check via snail mail.

Make checks payable to Diann Russell and mail them to:

Diann Russell
PO Box 66
LaFayette, NY 13084

Now, if you cannot afford to donate, as Joe Dan from Intellectual Froglegs always says, “we’re probably cousins.”  You can still help support by whitelisting this site in your ad-blocker.  As I said, the ads here are unobtrusive, so you won’t get hammered if you whitelist – I promise.

The 2019 Summer Fundraiser runs through Sunday, June 23.

Thanks, everybody!

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One thought on “’s Summer Fundraiser

  • June 18, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    Just read your bio and I must say I’m quite impressed by your transformation. While you were off to college, I was defending the nation against the commie hordes that were supposed to come through the Fulda Gap. President Reagan was the Commander and Chief and being in the Army was “motivating” to say the least. I spent 12 years in Europe before returning stateside only to be shocked by the country’s transformation. By the time I finished my military career and retired, the Armed Forces was already showing the signs of liberalism–thanks to Slick Willy.

    I and tens of thousands of other folks swore and oath to defend and protect only to find out that inept and traitorous politicians sold the farm. The America of my youth (1960’s) is gone. Sold for a song.

    Never considered myself a Democrat; always Republican but now…. I would identify myself as a Patriot without a country and Conservative.

    Enjoy your writings.

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