Peepaw’s severely bruised ego

Peepaw’s severely bruised ego

I’m sure by now you’ve seen one of the videos of Peepaw Biden falling off his bike while standing still. The White House was quick to inform the public that grandpa was not injured. And while there is a slight chance the White House is being honest about this, Peepaw didn’t come out unscathed. Once again, his ego was severely bruised by a very public pratfall.

Never underestimate Joe Biden’s vanity.

Taking a pratfall in full view of the world would leave anyone’s ego bruised.

But for Joe Biden, the injury to his ego is crippling.

Just the other day, I mentioned on Facebook how thankful I am that I live alone. The last thing I want is another person watching me struggle to get up off the floor after I exercise. Despite my efforts to beat back the ravages of Lupus by daily exercise, picking myself up off the floor after working out is still an utter clown show.

I’m embarrassed by it when nobody is there to watch me.

So I imagine dropping like a sack of potatoes in front of reporters and, more importantly, cameras left old Joe’s ego severely bruised. That bruised ego is more painful to Joe Biden’s vanity than any gushing head wound or broken bone could ever be.

For half a century, Joe has presented himself as a vibrant, suave lady’s man, full of vim and vigor.

As I said after Peepaw’s embarrassing triple-fall on the steps to Air Force One, Joe’s vanity oozes from every pour. It’s why he wears those stupid aviator glasses. It’s why he flashes his well-practiced crooked smile. And it’s probably why he gets so handsy with members of the opposite sex. That’s how irresistible old Joe thinks he is.

Joe has spent his entire political career strutting around like a matinee idol. And even as age and dementia take their toll, he remains just as vain today as he was forty years ago.

Couple that with his closest advisors ongoing efforts to present the optics of a vigorous Joe Biden to counter the reality of Peepaw turning 80 in less than six months, and you can appreciate why yesterday’s embarrassing fall stings so much.

These people can read the polls. They realize that the majority of Americans are starting to doubt old Joe has the wherewithal to do the job.

So how do they counter that? Well, his wife Jill, sister Valerie, Ron Klain, and Anita Dunn place grandpa in situations that they believe convey the optics that Joe may be old, but look at how vigorous and healthy he is. Nothing to see here, folks! Our guy is a powerhouse.

So they tell him to cross the White House lawn to Marine One like a quarterback trotting out onto the field:

They instruct him to bound up the steps to Air Force One rather than walk carefully while holding the railing:

And they stick him on a bike in Rehoboth Beach and send him down a trail that ends at a scrum of reporters.

And it wasn’t just Peepaw’s ego that was severely bruised yesterday. The Biden Super Fans (which exist only on Twitter) snapped into Defense Mode and were quick to “Well oh yeah?!” their way through their embarrassment.

“Well oh yeah?! TRUMP can’t even RIDE a BIKE!!”

“Oh yeah?! Trump had to be helped down a RAMP!!!”

These “Well oh yeah?!” responses weren’t just coming from anonymous Twitter users with the Ukraine Flag, the Pride Flag, and the Blue Wave in their Twitter handles. These responses also came from White House deputy press secretary, Andrew Bates.

When a White House staffer is echoing the sentiments of DrJillFan506732 🇺🇦🏳️‍🌈🌊, that is not a good sign.

But when your entire administration runs on optics, you too are going to suffer from a severely bruised ego every time Peepaw takes a tumble.

Plus, this is the first administration in history to govern solely based on what is trending on social media.

This is why they investigated the Twitter claim that Border Patrol agents on horseback supposedly “whipped” Haitian illegals.

Needless to say, after Biden fell over yesterday, social media went wild about it. What other choice did the Twitter administration have but to “Well oh yeah?!” its way through it?

I’ve said before that the whole world is watching. They’re not blind to the fact that an aged, senile old man occupies what has traditionally been seen as the most powerful office on Earth.

Peepaw taking a tumble didn’t escape their notice. And no amount of “Well oh yeah?!” responses will alter what they think about it.

As Jesse Kelly said yesterday on Twitter:

“It’s a really big deal that countries around the world see our president as weak. A really, really, really big deal. Worlds can change because of perceptions like that. And not for the better.”

At this point, the only person who seems unaware of how weak Joe Biden looks is the vain old man who will spend the next few days nursing a severely bruised ego until his dementia finally robs him of the memory.

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6 thoughts on “Peepaw’s severely bruised ego

  • June 19, 2022 at 11:17 am

    This buffoon needs to always wear his helmet. Maybe Michael Myers’s helmet is available from the Phillip the hyper-hypo skits.

  • June 19, 2022 at 5:23 pm

    “And it’s probably why he gets so handsy with members of the opposite sex.”

    …of any age.

  • June 20, 2022 at 10:16 am

    How to jack up your Joe Cool image
    …. Blame everyone but you for everything
    …. Undo energy leases in Alaska
    …. Lead an effective strategy of trunalimunumaprzure
    …. Let your insane VP make statements dumber than yours
    …. Start jogging to nowhere and then run out of steam
    …. Have frequent brain cramps while speaking
    …. Ignore basic economics
    …. Trip going up stairs
    You also
    …. Fall of a bicycle that isn’t moving
    …. Unassed Afghanistan virtually overnight and still managed to get people killed while leaving behind billions $ in military hardware
    …. Choose Truth over Facts
    …. Kill a transnational pipeline that was almost complete
    …. Exhort oil companies to produce more with less
    …. Re-write the Bill of Rights

    And now you claim we are all mentally ill


  • June 22, 2022 at 1:24 pm

    Notice that the media doesn’t talk about Biden playing golf . It’s true that he doesn’t play much, but that’s only part of it. He is so bad at golf and decrepit that they don’t want to be anywhere near the wheezing, shuffling fail as he hits the ball behind himself. Again.

  • June 22, 2022 at 2:06 pm

    Joe didn’t get 81 million votes but there is no doubt that he has solid support among REgressives. There is simply no sense arguing with them, they believe Joe has got the situation well in hand, he truly cares for us rubes and is fighting for us.

    I just ran into a rabid supporter on my dog walk and he’s happy about $6 gas(sitting in his car) food prices aren’t that high, Liz Cheney is just about the only sane Republican and Russia is to blame for…well everything.

    There’s no getting around it, it will take rivers of blood to get our country back.

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