Pelosi blinks and AOC seethes

Pelosi blinks and AOC seethes

On Wednesday, after soundly rejecting the poison pill-laden House border funding bill, the Senate voted 84 to 8 for their own bill.  And despite initially refusing to even entertain the Senate bill, Nancy Pelosi was forced by her own caucus to bring it to a vote. And AOC, the Congresswoman from the State of Twitter was furious.

Now, from all the sturm und drang AOC displayed in these tweets, one would be left with the impression that she is fully on board with the House version that passed on Tuesday.

Problem is, she voted against that bill.  In fact just four members of the Democrat majority voted against it: AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.

AKA The Cycle Sisters [hat tip Julie Kelly].

And her reason for not voting for the House bill that she is now banging on about?

She “needed to send a message.”

Look, aside from her army of slobbering fans on Twitter, most Americans aren’t stupid enough to believe AOC was sending a message.

Like every so-called position she takes, AOC needs an issue she can demagogue off of.

When it comes to the tens of thousands of illegals flooding over our border, AOC is more interested in using their plight to attack the President and the country as being just like the Nazis!!!

And if Congress actually acts to provide humanitarian assistance at the border, AOC loses that demagogic talking point.

If Congress actually provides the funding to improve conditions, she can no longer feign outrage and weepy concern for illegal aliens in detention while claiming they are sorely mistreated by Trump-Hitler.

She needs a rallying cry — even if that rallying cry prevents solving the very problem she’s crying about.

Because as with everything she does, it’s all about AOC.

Meanwhile, in the House, the Democrats from traditionally Republican districts who flipped those seats in 2018 are trying desperately to work for bipartisan solutions.  Who can blame them?  Their leadership has been howling like wounded poodles over the conditions on the border and their constituents demand action.  And unlike AOC whose constituents are made up of the sunken-chested Leftist soy boys and ResistanceLOL chicks that haunt Twitter, these moderate Democrats need to answer to those who actually elected them.

And how does AOC and her Svengali respond to these moderate Democrats?

Well, like this:

So, are you following this?

By agreeing to pass the Senate bill that had overwhelming bipartisan support, the House Democrats are enabling that well-known racist system of providing humanitarian aid to those who illegally entered the country.

But that’s not the real reason AOC’s Svengali is pissed. He’s pissed because passing the Senate bill deprives his charge of her much-needed talking point.

AOC doesn’t want a solution to the problem; she wants to capitalize on the problem for her own ends.

Sadly, too many elected Democrats have stupidly mistaken AOC’s vast social media popularity as an actual mandate from the American people.

And that includes, as I mentioned in my previous post, every single Democrat running for President.

AOC has become the Pied Piper of Radicalism.  And the stupid Democrats are foolishly lining up behind her as she digs herself further into a hole.

And while the moderate Democrats might have prevailed in yesterday’s vote, it still might not be enough to prevent AOC from burying the entire Democrat Party along with her.

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3 thoughts on “Pelosi blinks and AOC seethes

  • June 28, 2019 at 11:37 am

    I see what you are doing with the photoshops – you are actually showing her getting further and futher down. That is clever (didn’t notice until today – yes, I’m a little slow).

    • June 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

      I put them all in one place in the Rogues’ Gallery. You can see them all HERE.

  • June 28, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    Oh, she’s sending a message alright.

    Dear Earth,
    I’m a dumbass & I do not belong in this job.

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