Where are all the people screaming Anti-Semite?

I’m sure you remember one of the biggest arguments against Donald Trump is that he is somehow an Anti-Semite.

He was a racist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, and an Anti-Semite.

They wouldn’t shut the hell up about it.

All the Leftists who hate Jews almost as much as they hate white people were concerned that in electing Donald Trump, America elected an Anti-Semite.

Hillary wailed about it.

Celebrities kvetched over it.

And Donald Trump — a man who has never shown an ounce of antisemitism — suddenly becomes the biggest Anti-Semite since Heinrich Himmler.

It didn’t matter to them that Donald Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism. Trump was an Anti-Semite.

It didn’t matter to them that Donald Trump speaks forcefully in defense our greatest ally Israel. Trump was an Anti-Semite.

From all the screaming and caterwauling, you’d think these people on the Left have a real problem with antisemitism.

Don’t kid yourself. They don’t give a damn about Israel or the Jews.

And nothing makes that more evident than their lack of outrage over Barack Obama stabbing the nation of Israel in the back.

All those people who couldn’t shut up about Trump’s alleged antisemitism are strangely silent.

Faced with the honest-to-God Anti-Semite currently occupying the Oval Office, these warriors for the Jews can’t even muster up the energy to give a damn.

The truth is, they would not care one bit if Donald Trump were actually an Anti-Semite.

Hell, most of these people are anti-Semitic.

From the filthy vermin who skittered around Zuccotti Park for Occupy Wall Street to the hateful pro-Palestine psychos of Black Lives Matter, the Left is, without question, the most anti-Semitic crop of haters in the country.

They share Obama’s hatred for Israel and the Jooooos.

Their supposed concern over Trump’s mythical antisemitism was as phony as a three dollar bill.

That’s why, when faced with a President who actually is an Anti-Semite, these Leftists don’t say boo about it.

Suddenly all their concern over antisemitism evaporates like a whole lot of steam.

If Donald Trump were really the Anti-Semite here, he would not have spoken out forcefully against this vile UN resolution. He would not have come to the defense of Israel.

And if Barack Obama really weren’t an Anti-Semite, he wouldn’t have sat silently like the shiftless coward that he is when the UN stabbed our ally in the back.

What more evidence do you need that these attacks the Left has been launching against Donald Trump have no basis in reality?

They are worse than hypocrites.

They commit blood libel against a man who has already shown more strength of character and loyalty to an ally than Barack Obama ever has.

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One thought on “Where are all the people screaming Anti-Semite?

  • December 26, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    In the marathon race to surpass Jimmy Carter as America’s most incompetent president, taking a shot in the UN at our ally Israel, is Obama’s anti-semitic sprint to the finish line!

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