Petulant Children Who Never Heard the Word “No”

Petulant Children Who Never Heard the Word “No”

Can you believe the way some of the Democrat “lawmakers” are reacting to Joe Manchin’s refusal to vote for the garbage “Build Back Better” bill? They’re like spoiled, petulant children who have never once heard the word “No.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the so-called “Squad” actually believe that if a bill is presented, it must automatically pass because they say so. Like a child in Walmart who launches into screaming fits of rage because Mommy won’t buy her the toy she wants, these whiny babies are pitching a full-blown tantrum over Manchin putting his foot down.

How can they possibly think this makes them look like serious members of the US House of Representatives?

Okay, I know. They don’t see themselves as “lawmakers.” They are nothing more than spoiled campus activists who refuse to grow the hell up.

Their behavior since Sunday has been embarrassing.

As a general rule, I hate it when adults behave like spoiled, petulant children. But it is especially shameful coming from people who have power over our lives.

Children should learn to experience disappointment. You know what I mean? They should learn at an early age that sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to.

The Squad’s tantrum is what you get when parents let their children call the shots.

I was in a wedding once where the flower girl started pitching a fit and refused to go down the aisle. So her father gave her money. I couldn’t believe it. That’s how tightly this kid had her parents wrapped around her finger.

See, the Squad is like that. In the House, they have the Democrat leadership wrapped around their finger tighter than the hijab on Ilhan’s head. So it isn’t surprising they expected the same kind of bending-over-backward accommodations from Joe Manchin that they enjoy from Nancy Pelosi.

And when he didn’t accommodate them, these petulant children reacted the way spoiled, monstrous brats always react. They pitched a fit and screamed “No FAIR!!!!!”

But it isn’t just the Squad. Good heavens, the Twitter ResistanceLOL hasn’t been howling like this since Trump’s inauguration.

Did you see what that harridan Bette Midler tweeted yesterday?

Petulant Children

Being told “no” always brings out the best in these petulant children, doesn’t it? Earth to Bette: the “rest of America” isn’t on board with this garbage bill. It is not popular among the “rest of America;” it’s only popular among the crank Leftists who inhabit Twitter.

And as hideous and bigoted as Bette Midler might be, at least she isn’t an elected lawmaker and she doesn’t wield an ounce of power over us.

The same can’t be said for monstrous babies in the Democrat Party.

Yeah, good point. Joe Manchin is a West Virginia Senator. West Virginians overwhelmingly oppose both this bill and the Left-wing radicals controlling the Democrat party. So all this Sturm und Drang is going a long way to shore up his support in this heavily Republican state.

Biden’s approval rating in West Virginia stands at an abysmal 32 percent. Meanwhile Joe Manchin enjoys 60 percent approval. His numbers will only get higher if the radical Democrats continue to attack him.

The other danger Democrats face if they don’t get the Petulant Caucus in line is the attacks on Joe Manchin may cost them the Senate majority. Manchin could get so sick and tired of it, Mitch McConnell’s invitation to join the Republican Party might become appealing to him.

But since it was reported in the Hill today that Senate Democrats are planning to play “hardball” with Joe Manchin, I’m guessing Pelosi isn’t the only one the Squad has wrapped around its finger. Chuck Schumer is too.

As Verad Mehta put it on Twitter this morning:

”It doesn’t take a genius to realize this is all about Schumer keeping AOC from running against him next year. He’ll do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening, including turning himself into the Senate minority leader.”

This is the problem when you let petulant children call the shots in your party.

I said before that the Biden administration is the Twitter administration. But the truth is, this is the problem with the entire Democrat Party.

Back in 2019, just after the new Democrat majority Congress was sworn in, Speaker Pelosi had the newly-elected AOC conduct a tutorial for Democrat House members on making the most of their social media presence. It was clear that Pelosi decided the Democrat Party’s primary base would be the whiny loudmouths of the Twitter ResistanceLOL. This is why Nancy and Chuck Schumer are going out of their way to give the Squad whatever they want. The Squad rules the Twitter ResistanceLOL. And without the Twitter ResistanceLOL, the Squad of petulant children would be non-entities in Congress.

Meanwhile, as Democrats bend over backward to appease the Squad’s social media base, out here in the real world, voters Democrats rely on to win elections, like Hispanics, are abandoning them in droves.

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2 thoughts on “Petulant Children Who Never Heard the Word “No”

  • December 22, 2021 at 2:57 pm

    The word “NO” doesn’t mean much without the threat of an asswhoopin’ behind it.

  • December 22, 2021 at 5:17 pm

    Ilhan isnt wearing a hijab. Thats a full body Islmacover; thats one step down from a burqa. Not sure what to call that towel on top of her head.

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