Pinch-hitting for Grandma

With Granny Clinton sick, Team Clinton pulled Barack Obama off the bench to do a little pinch-hitting for the old, decrepit hag at a scheduled campaign stop in Philadelphia.

For the first time in this campaign, a Hillary event was attended by more than a few hundred people.

But other than that, the decision to have Barack Obama stand-in for Hillary was a really bad idea.

The guy is just too full of himself to be a good campaigner for someone else.

According to The American Mirror, Obama referred to himself one hundred and thirty-seven times in his stump speech for Clinton.

Good gracious.

Hell, he even went so far as to thank himself for “saving” the economy.

Yup. He actually uttered the words, “Thanks Obama.”

But it isn’t just that Barack is far too narcissistic to be a successful campaigner for another candidate that makes this such a profoundly stupid idea.

By allowing himself to be Hillary’s official pinch-hitter, Obama becomes even more fair game in this election than he already was.

Barack is used to being up against Republican candidates who pull their punches, refuse to go on the attack, and apologize if anyone else actually hammers this feckless, incompetent President.

Donald Trump is not going to let Obama’s presence on the campaign trail go by without hitting him back ten times as hard.

And he has plenty of ammunition with which to hit him.

As much as Obama likes to brag about what a bang-up job he thinks he’s done in his eight years in office, most Americans beg to differ.

Nearly 70% of Americans believe this country is headed in the wrong direction, and the man steering this Titanic is none other than the guy pinch-hitting for Grandma.

Trump wasted no time hammering the worst President in this nation’s history.

The Trump campaign released a statement yesterday that eviscerated the Campaigner-in-Chief.

Titled Shouldn’t you be at work?, the statement doesn’t hold back.

Trump hammers Obama for the crumbling of his signature health care law. He hits him over the foreign policy failures of both Iran and North Korea. And he slams him for the sluggish, almost non-existent economic growth and pathetic jobs report.

All Obama’s bragging looks a little silly when Trump isn’t afraid to point out the truth.

Of course, in his capacity as Doctor-in-Chief, Mr. Obama assured the crowd (and the swooning Enslaved Press) that Hillary Clinton is physically fit to serve.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised he didn’t simply encourage her to take the pain pill.

Obama telling us who is and isn’t fit to serve as President is a bit insulting.

Come on. Like he would know?

The benefit (from our standpoint) of Obama campaigning for Hillary is he has a long history of campaigning for the losing side. Just ask Martha Coakley in Massachusetts or Creigh Deeds in Virginia or John Corzine in New Jersey.

Hell, just look at the 2014 Midterms. Obama worked his ass off to make sure the Democrats maintained the Senate. And did they?

Let’s be honest; Barack Obama doesn’t exactly possess the Midas Touch.

Not that the Enslaved Press will care. They’re already swooning over his stand-in performance for Hillary yesterday in Philly. If I’m not mistaken, Chris Matthews’ tingle returned with a vengeance.

But it is never good for the star of the show to be upstaged by her stand-in.

Hillary is such an awful candidate the last thing she needs is to be outshined by the guy who is pinch-hitting for her.

When she does finally get back to campaigning, her performance on the campaign trail is going to be a monumental let-down.

For the people who still believe in Obama, seeing him campaign for Hillary will only serve as a sickening reminder of just how much of a disappointment his presumptive heir really is.


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2 thoughts on “Pinch-hitting for Grandma

  • September 14, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    I saw clips of Barky shilling for shrillary on tv today. Ear Leader trying to paint my Donald as an elitist saying he avoids working people. WHAT? Mr. “Arugula at Whole Foods” who never held a real job says my Donald, who has given jobs to thousands of people, says Trump is out of touch?!?!??? And you know the stupid lefty parrots will vomit forth that lie endlessly just like all the other crap they ditto for their prog masters. Thank God we DO have Trump, who fights back, unlike Mittens or McCrazy, as you so elequently pointed out.
    Happy TrumpDay, btw, I have the above post & the one about shrillary’s “double” linked at my place today.

  • September 15, 2016 at 5:21 am

    Obozo referred to himself 137 times during that speech.He just can’t help himself.

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