Premature champagne-popping at CNN


My, but they are happy as pigs in shit over at CNN.

They are convinced that the New York Times’ report on Donald Trump’s taxes from 1995 will destroy his candidacy.

They couldn’t be happier even if they had been the ones to break the story.

Just to recap.

The New York Times obtained tax information from a source within the Trump camp that all but proves Donald Trump did nothing illegal.

They then took that information and made the guess that because he operated on a net loss of $916 million in 1995, it is possible that maybe … possibly … he may have been spared paying income taxes for 18 years.


Much like the Miss Piggy nothing-burger, this report is about as explosive as a wet firecracker.

But over at CNN they’re popping the champagne and celebrating.

They’re acting like we just learned that Donald J. Trump violated the Espionage Act, destroyed government emails and lied about it under oath to Congress while bravely showing incredible stamina for eleven hours.

Here’s the bottom line.

Nobody gives a damn.

Okay, let me clarify that.

There are some people who give a damn. They’re the people who support Hillary Clinton and want to see her in the White House. These people are so hell-bent on her winning, they happily overlook Hillary Clinton’s complete disregard for the law and all her shady financial dealings.

But voters who want this country to be safe and secure, who want to keep more of their own money?

These people don’t give a crap about this story that has CNN apoplectic with glee.

At the end of the first Season of “Mad Men,” Peter Campbell discovers that Don Draper isn’t Don Draper, but Dick Whitman. He uses this information to try and blackmail Draper into giving him a promotion.

Don Draper calls his bluff. They go to see Burt Cooper and Campbell lays out what he knows.

Cooper ponders for a moment, gets up and comes around his desk, looks Campbell in the eye and says:

Mr. Campbell, who cares?


Who cares?

Mr. Cooper, he’s a fraud, a liar. A criminal, even.

Even if this were true, who cares? This country was built
and run by men with worse stories than whatever you’ve
imagined here.

I’m not imaging anything.

The Japanese have a saying: a man is whatever room he is in.
And right now Donald Draper is in this room.

Right now, Donald J. Trump is the candidate who is fighting for what is in the best interests of this country and its people.

Hillary Clinton isn’t doing that.

Right now, Donald J. Trump is tearing down the corrupt system that has helped to enrich the political class while leaving us stuck with the bill.

Hillary Clinton isn’t doing that.

Twenty-one years ago, he had a net operating loss of $916 million dollars.

So what?

Who cares?

Even the New York Times admits there was nothing untoward or immoral – let alone illegal — about what Trump did.

So who cares?

They have to reach back to 1995 to find a story that effectively proves Trump did nothing wrong.

These are the same people who demand we simply shrug off Hillary Clinton’s thirty year history of corruption, pay to play and personal enrichment at the expense of taxpayers.

Yet they want us to hyperventilate over Donald Trump doing absolutely nothing illegal in 1995?!

So, again, who cares?

For CNN and the rest of the Enslaved Press to act as if they have finally taken Trump down over something like this is laughable.

It only reaffirms what we already know.

Like the candidate they shill for, the Enslaved Press are corrupt, out of touch and out of ideas.

They really have no earthly clue what this election is about and what is motivating the movement behind Trump’s campaign.

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