President Brain Freeze

President Brain Freeze

Is it all that ice cream he consumes that is making Joe Biden’s brain freeze?

Because, man. This guy can’t seem to kick-start his synapses for love or money.

In an awkward press conference last night after a NATO summit, President Brain Freeze appeared to fall asleep at the switch midway through answering a question about whether he still believes President Putin is “a killer” as he said during an interview on Good Morning America a few months ago.

Yeah. Just so you know, I whipped out the stopwatch feature on my iPhone and clocked that pause. It is nearly seven seconds of dead air.

And while seven seconds doesn’t sound like much, when it’s a pregnant pause from Grandpa Brain Freeze during a live press conference, those seven seconds feel like an eternity.

Imagine being Vladimir Putin and seeing that video.

Boy, he must be chuckling to himself at the thought of facing off against President Brain Freeze.

Watch that clip again, then stop and marvel over this completely pie-in-the-sky Time Magazine cover:

Time magazine cover President Brain Freeze

“Taking on Putin.” Good grief. Who are they kidding with this?

Does the Biden of Time’s imaginings seem even remotely related to President Brain Freeze in that video clip? Or the videos from the G7 summit I featured HERE?

Honestly, the lengths the American media will go to pretend that there is nothing wrong with this guy is truly perverse.

The entire press conference yesterday was bad when you get right down to it. Team Biden kept over 100 reporters waiting for nearly three and a half hours until finally the broken down old crock turned up. And when he did finally show, the best the guy could do was answer five stinking questions.

No wonder the Biden people aren’t allowing him to do a joint press conference with President Putin after their meeting on Wednesday. That kind of side-by-side comparison would be an optics nightmare.

That agonizing seven second brain freeze was more than enough bad optics as it is.

Seriously, this man is not well.

Speaking of which. Check out this segment from Jesse Kelly’s show yesterday. It’s both funny and terrifying at the same time.

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3 thoughts on “President Brain Freeze

  • June 15, 2021 at 3:42 pm

    Maybe all that ice cream is to freeze the brain worms….

  • June 16, 2021 at 7:17 am

    Thank goodness for earbuds ….
    Just imagine, this man has the nuclear football!
    He hasn’t united America and he hasn’t united our allies in Europe over the last five days. He’s not only failing cognitively, but on all fronts.

  • June 16, 2021 at 9:45 am

    I figure delays are caused by whomever is at the other end of the earbud. It clearly would take some time for Joe to assemble whatever lines he is being fed into ‘his own words’. This may be more noticeable when questions have less chance of being pre-programmed while visiting a foreign country.
    Eventually perhaps someone will figure out what frequencies the system runs on, and we may all be able to listen in. Are there any communication satellites being re-directed during these conferences?

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