When the Press becomes part of the cover-up


Look, we’ve never had a Free and Independent Press. They have always tilted toward the Left.

But regardless of that inherent bias, what is happening today is completely unprecedented.

Any pretense of objectivity has all but vanished.

And in their effort to protect Obama, Clinton and the Democrat Party, the Press has made the conscious decision to be part of a cover-up.

We sure have come a long way since Watergate, haven’t we?

Last night, Tucker Carlson had Sharyl Attkisson on to discuss the lack of interest the so-called Free Press is showing for the ever-expanding scandal of the FBI’s surveillance and the Steele/Clinton Dossier.

It’s worth watching this all-too-brief segment.

“We have invited some of the propagandists into our news rooms. We allow them to dictate the talking points and messages du jour. And it’s getting more difficult, I think, to find sort of down-the-middle, unbiased reporting.”

This is a damning statement from a member of the press.

And one, I’m sure, will not get any attention from most mainstream news outlets.

Attkisson’s right.

News has become Propaganda.

But it’s far worse than that.

They have become part of the cover-up – a willing participant in the effort to hide the truth.

While CNN and MSNBC – and the rest of the Enslaved Press – eagerly await the Schiff “Well Oh Yeah?” Memo’s release, Senator Grassley’s criminal referral for Christopher Steele has corroborated the information revealed in the Nunes memo released last week.

But as Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel points out on Twitter, the Grassley memo is pretty much being ignored by the once Free Press.

As Mark Levin said on Hannity Monday night, it is beginning to look like Hillary Clinton paid for a FISA Warrant.

This story — coupled with the newly released texts from the FBI’s own chatty, star-crossed lovers — is shaping up to be a far bigger scandal than Watergate ever was.

Ordinarily, this was the kind of story the Press salivated over.

But not anymore.

Instead of scrambling to expose this widespread corruption, the propagandists in the Press are actually the ones trying to cover it up.

We are now witnessing the self-inflicted Death of Journalism – Suicide by Dossier if you will.

And it really is unbelievable to watch.

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3 thoughts on “When the Press becomes part of the cover-up

  • February 7, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    When the Bush Clan dumped on Sharyl for her “xenophobic” coverage of “Fast + Furious” (aka “Gunrunner”) I became a fan of her and her work.

    Nothing she has done the last 12 years has lessened my fondness. Progressives do not like her!

    Sometimes (usually) “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

  • February 7, 2018 at 6:42 pm

    Steele has testified in a civil court in the UK that he did NOT shop his “opposition research” to the US press! I assume he was under oath at that time as well. Whatever sliver of credibility he may have retained is surly evaporated at this point but the public relations arm of the democrat party (AKA fake news) still refer to the dossier as unverified. The enslaved press as you have so correctly labeled them seem to take pride that they are part of the resist “movement”. Bovine bowl movement I call it.

  • February 8, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    The press has been covering for Obama for over 9 years, and the Clintons for much longer than that. They aren’t going to change their stripes now. They are part of the team.

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