Prickly Biden voters hate when you point out Jill is not a doctor

Prickly Biden voters hate when you point out Jill is not a doctor

I follow a pediatrician on Twitter who goes by the handle Joe Pilot, MD. And last night, he pointed out the transparently obvious: Jill is not a doctor.

Holy smokes, did the prickly Biden voters get mad.

For the last twelve hours, he’s been inundated with indignant replies from Biden voters who hate, hate, hate it when anyone points out that Jill is not a doctor.

Yes, Jill possesses a doctorate in Education. But Jill is not a doctor by profession; she is an educator.

Actually, now Jill isn’t even an educator so much as an enabler. But let’s not go there.

I admit that back in 2009 when Obama and Biden first entered office, I thought Jill was a doctor. After all, every single time she was mentioned, they called her DOCTOR Jill Biden. Who wouldn’t assume that meant Jill was a doctor.

It wasn’t until several years later that I learned that Jill is not a doctor. She was a teacher and her doctorate was in education.

Remember when Jill appeared on the View several months ago and Whoopie Goldberg suggested Jill become Surgeon General?

Now, most people mocked Whoopie for stupidly believing that Jill was a doctor by profession. But I gave Whoopie a lot of slack for believing that because I think that obfuscation is deliberate on the part of both the Obama people and the Biden people.

In short, they want people making that assumption.

There’s a TV show (sorry, I don’t remember which one) where a character gets really upset with someone and says something like, “But you said THIS!” And the other character said, “I never said that. You just assumed it and I never bothered to correct you.” [Maybe if I didn’t have the flu, I’d remember what TV show that’s from, but right now it escapes me.]

This is what the Biden people do with Jill. They never out and out claim she’s in the medical profession; instead they just let everyone assume it and never bother to correct the assumption.

One of the many prickly Biden voters who responded to Joe Pilot even said, “Medical doc is never what she claimed. So??”

This reply to that tweet is exactly right:

And that’s the nub of it.

The obfuscation is deliberate.

Jill’s appropriation of the term Doctor is so wildly defended, it’s actually kind of laughable.

As I said the other day, this insistence on referring to herself as DOCTOR Jill Biden tells me that Jill is obsessed with her own importance.

In that respect, she’s is a lot like her husband.

Joe has claimed in the past that he attended Delaware State – one of the historically black colleges and universities in the country. He didn’t. But Delaware State did give Joe an honorary doctorate in 2003. So either he’s once again lying about his history, or he’s conflating receiving an honorary doctorate during a commencement address with attending DSU.

Frankly, I’m surprised Joe doesn’t insist people call him Doctor Joe Biden since he has an honorary doctorate.

Then again, if they started calling him DOCTOR Joe Biden, it would detract from Jill’s effort to appear more important than she is.

Jill is not a doctor

LOL! Speaking as someone who loves analogies, that is friggin’ perfect!

There is a major difference between academic accomplishments and a profession. And in that respect, Jill is not a doctor; she is (well, was) an educator.

My holding a Masters of Fine Arts does not make me a Master of Fine Arts. I’m a writer who holds an MFA in dramatic writing.

Jill is not a doctor, she is an educator who holds an EdD in education.

This isn’t hard to understand.

But for prickly Biden voters, it is absolutely anathema to point it out.

The Left has always been obsessed with titles that make them appear more important than they are.

They never referred to Obama as a “part-time lecturer” at the University of Chicago law school. Instead, Democrats insisted on calling him a “Constitutional Scholar.”

Titles and honorifics give them a sense of superiority.

Why do you think they’re so upset that President Trump has been nominated, not once, but three times, for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Why do you think some doofus British lawmaker, in what can only be described as a petulant “well, oh yeah?!” then countered by nominating Joe Biden for a Nobel Peace Prize?

It galls them to no end that Trump of all people might receive an honor they believe is exclusively theirs.

This is also one of the reasons they avoid calling Donald Trump “President Trump.”

They’re obsessed with crap like this. Titles matter to them.

Remember when Barbara Boxer got all huffy when an Army general referred to her as “ma’am” instead of Senator? This is how these people are.

That’s why they get so prickly when anyone points out that Jill is not a doctor, but a teacher.

It’s the same way they reacted when you’d mention that Obama wasn’t a “Constitutional Scholar” but only a part-time lecturer.

They use titles to make them appear more important than they are.

It’s window dressing, nothing more.

And if voters get snookered into believing that Jill is an actual medical doctor, that’s totally fine with them.

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9 thoughts on “Prickly Biden voters hate when you point out Jill is not a doctor

  • October 4, 2020 at 10:49 am

    Was the TV show Remington Steele? I seem to remember Pierce Brosnan’s character let people assume something about him instead of stating it?

    • October 4, 2020 at 10:50 am

      It’s something from a TV show I own on either DVD or digital. I just cannot remember which one.

      • October 4, 2020 at 4:52 pm

        It sounds a lot like the movie Rush Hour. When Chris Tucker talks rudely to Jackie Chan at the airport, Chan never answers back. Later Chan speaks English to a third character and Tucker is surprised, but Chan says just that: “I never said I didn’t speak English. You assumed I didn’t”. Might be from something else previously, but it gets a laugh again in that movie.

  • October 4, 2020 at 11:22 am

    Sometimes a PhD is referred to as “Piled Higher and Deeper”, something I heard when I was getting my B.Sc. and M.Sc. oh so long ago. This reference is very appropriate in regards to the Bidens. Apparently there is also a comic with the name “Piled Higher and Deeper”.

    Maybe we should let Mrs. Biden keep the “doctor” title, but always preface it with “Education”. That way a physician or MD is a “Medical Doctor”. Someone with a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry is a “Chemistry Doctor.” Someone with a Ph.D. in gender studies (is that possible?) is a “Useless Doctor”. Oh, sorry, “Gender Studies Doctor.” Any any physician or MD who appears on CNN or MSNBC is a “Quack Doctor.”

  • October 4, 2020 at 2:01 pm

    Well, Joe Biden once earned a law degree, which makes him a doctor, too, don’t it?

    Holler out “Hey, Doc”, and the first one to answer is Jill Biden. The one that answers “Wut?” tomorrow afternoon is Joe Biden.

  • October 4, 2020 at 11:02 pm

    Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard!

    • October 5, 2020 at 10:55 am

      Heh, I just had to watch that, haven’t seen it in over 50 years, immediately remembered who it was.
      Tanks for the Mammeries.

  • October 4, 2020 at 11:39 pm

    Well… keep in mind the other EdD giants like Shaquille O’Neal and Bill Cosby. She travels in rare company.

  • October 5, 2020 at 8:51 am

    …but she did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

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