Pride and Prejudice


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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Pride month is being hijacked by the hateful cranks of the Democrat Party Resistance.

The Democrats warned us they planned on making this a Summer of Rage.

And since they’re too lazy to create their own marches, they just glom on to someone else’s.

You know. Like they did the “People’s March for the Climate.”

Let’s face it, it is standard operating procedure for Democrats to coopt different identity groups and movements then exploit them for their own political purposes.

Just ask blacks in America.

Democrats have glommed on to gays like they’re a new fashion accessory.

And the fact that Pride month has become nothing more than an excuse to froth at the mouth over Donald Trump being President is kind of pathetic.

This may come as a surprise to you, but I happen to know a bit about Pride month.

When I attended the MFA Playwriting program at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, my thesis play “PRISM” was about the emergence of the Gay Rights Movement.

There were two separate storylines. One that began in the 1950s and led up to the June 1968 Stonewall riot. And another that began in 1979 and went back to the June 1968 Stonewall riot.

The two storylines converge at Stonewall at the time when the main characters from the two storylines first meet.

It was kind of a clever structure, if I say so myself.

“PRISM” premiered at Chicago’s Bailiwick Theater as part of their 2001 Pride Series.

And in researching “PRISM,” I read countless books on the early Mattachine society, the Stonewall riot, and the post-Stonewall Gay Rights movement.

So why I am pointing all this out?

Well, I figure some may say, “How dare you! You’re not part of the LGBTMOUSE community. So what do you know about our Pride month?!”

I thought I’d head that off at the pass.

And though Pride occasionally became somewhat political in the past – most notably during the AIDS epidemic of the mid-1980s – the Gay Pride movement was far more Libertarian than it is today.

Today it’s about as Libertarian as Maxine Waters.

And I don’t believe it’s because all gays in America have turned it into partisan Leftist crazies.

Truth be told, I think most gays are still far more Libertarian than the hijacked Gay movement of the political Left.

I think it’s more accurate to say far-Left activists within the Democrat Party have simply taken over the Gay Rights movement.

They’ve hijacked it for their own political purposes.

The truth is, Donald Trump is probably the most gay rights-supportive President in our history.

While campaigning for President in 2008, Obama repeatedly declared that marriage is between a man and a woman.

So did Hillary Clinton for that matter.

They only shifted gears when it became politically expedient to do so. Specifically after they found a way to use gays as a political weapon.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been consistent over the years. He explained over a decade ago that perhaps because he was born and raised in New York City support for gay rights was just a given.

Unlike Obama and Hillary, Trump didn’t stick his finger in the wind to see what position would give him votes.

He has been unapologetic in his support for gays.

And that was never clearer than during his nomination speech last summer.

But none of that matters because gay people are no longer running the show when it comes to Pride month.

Radical political forces have coopted the Gay Rights movement for their own purposes.

And now, being gay is no longer enough to participate in Pride month. Now you must be a Gay Liberal Democrat.

This is why Gays for Trump were not allowed to march in Charlotte, North Carolina’s Pride parade.

A movement that began with a strong message against prejudice and celebrating who you are has morphed into a movement built on prejudice and exclusion.

Gays must all fall in lock-step with the Leftist Democrat agenda. Otherwise, they are not permitted to march in a Pride parade.

Come to think of it, it also explains this bizarre and self-destructive embrace Islam and Sharia.

Pride month is no longer about Gay Rights. Instead, it is nothing more than a Democrat Party political movement with a rainbow veneer.

Because that’s what Democrats do.

They coopt and exploit every “movement” for their political ends.

Then they use them until they use them up.

And I find it particularly sad that gays are willingly letting themselves be used as meat puppets for the Democrat Party.

I don’t know about you. But that hardly sounds like a source of Pride.

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2 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice

  • June 12, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    Democrats = Socialist Power Elite. Whether they operate through the Pride Movement, Black LIves Matter, Planned Parenthood and a myriad of front groups, there is a small group who are ‘steering’ all of the resistance against the Republicans and Trump. The message from all these groups is too neatly packaged to have originated from them in a grassroots fashion.

    For these of the elite socialist movement, the political battle is a necessity as any other means of seizing control would be viewed as ‘un-American’ or ‘un-democratic’ not that we actually have a democracy but those kinds of facts do not really matter much to them.

    If we conservatives continue allowing the media and the actors for the left to define our party we are ultimately doomed as they will blacken and char our libertarian resume to an unrecognizable heap of ashes if they can. Since the left controls the media (or vice versa, the jury is out on that) we need to become more vocal about our beliefs and especially to the undeveloped minds of the younger generation as if we lose all of them we are sunk.

  • June 14, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    Can someone please tell me what there is to be proud of about being gay? So you can sleep with members of your same sex. So what? Who can’t? You don’t see heterosexual pride parades, and they can at least take pride in the fact that they can create life.

    Isn’t one of the gay community’s claims that gay people are born gay, they don’t choose to be gay? So isn’t gay pride like saying, “Whoohoo! I’m proud because I have five fingers on each hand!”

    I’m not advocating that gays go back in the closet, but how about you stop claiming to be proud because you belong to a group and actually accomplish something you can be proud of.

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