Propaganda for the Wine Moms

Propaganda for the Wine Moms

The media’s slobbering propaganda over Biden’s embarrassing press conference has the same specific target audience as 99% of their election coverage did: The Suburban Wine Moms.

This is hardly surprising. When the American news media responds like over-indulgent pageant moms every time Joe Biden manages to get through a public event without soiling his pants, the only people who would buy what they’re selling are the pageant moms’ cycle sisters, the suburban wine moms.

I confess, I couldn’t watch the entirety of Joe Biden’s carefully-choreographed press conference. Having Lupus makes repeated cringing painful. It was bad enough just watching the clips from it.

But to hear the way the media responded to that cringe-inducing event, Joe Biden really hit it out of the park! Yes, sir. Take that, you right wing conspiracy theorists who say Joe Biden is mentally slipping! He was sharp as a tack and in command of the facts!

NBC “Senior National Political Reporter:”

Oh, Jonathan. Old Joe couldn’t score a hit in T-ball. Come on, man!

Washington Post columnist:

Democracy dies in Dementia.

Now, this particular modern-day version of The Emperor’s New Clothes might convince the suburban wine moms who got the vapors over Trump’s tweets.

But America’s enemies, unlike suburban wine moms, aren’t taken in by the Biden Cheer Squad in the media. Because unlike wine moms, those guys are experts at propaganda.

And as I said last week, the whole world is watching.

China, Iran, North Korea, Qatar, Russia – they’re watching and they can see with their own two eyes the confused, meandering old coot at the podium. And let me tell you, they feel like they won the lottery. So all that gushing from the Washington Post or network and cable news “reporters” rolls off them like they’ve been Scotch-Guarded. 

Hey, speaking of wine moms and cringing. Have you seen this video?

In the interests of full disclosure, I have yet to get through all one minute and forty-nine seconds of that – even after turning the sound off. For those of you who did make it to the end, please consult your doctor if the muscle spasms from cringing last more than four hours.

As Julie Kelly put it on Twitter the other day:

If you think this is a farcical depiction of your typical woke suburban wine mom, think again. They are real.

They start sentences with “Joy Behar said,” worship Anthony Facui, force their kids and husbands to wear matching Vineyard Vines masks, demand CRT be taught in schools, and take their kids to BLM rallies. They voted against Trump bc mean tweets. Trust me, I know this tribe.

On a related note, I like what Daily Malarkey writer Ian Prior calls suburban wine moms: “Chardonnay Antifa.” By the way, you should subscribe to the Daily Malarkey newsletter. Just go HERE and enter an email address to start getting your daily dose.


There’s a reason the corporate news media and Big Tech want to silence alternative news sites and non-industry-approved journalists.

Propaganda only works when everybody is singing from the same hymnal.

We’ve gone from a free press that informs the public to a state media that actively seeks to keep the public from being informed.

It worked on the suburban wine moms in 2020. They fell for it hook, line and sinker.

America’s enemies may see the news media as useful idiots, but trust me, they don’t rely on the American news media to keep them informed. Mostly because they aren’t that gullible.

They believe their own eyes. And our gushing media notwithstanding, what they saw yesterday was a weak, decrepit, confused old man and an America ripe for the picking.

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3 thoughts on “Propaganda for the Wine Moms

  • March 26, 2021 at 10:14 am

    Sadly, what comes after this senile pretender is even worse.

    • March 26, 2021 at 9:22 pm

      Can you just image the number of Jim Jones type events solely to escape the CaCkLeS??
      🐫🦨 😖🥴🤢🤮 💀👻 👼 ⬅ Sweet sound without CaCkLeS!! (/S)

  • March 27, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    “Crisp press conference” and fully in command of the issues? The senile pedophile is as crisp as a bowl of jello and not even fully in command of his bowels and bladder. We truly are living out 1984, where 2+2=5 and Pedo Joe has everything well in hand (or at least all the young females in the room). Propaganda victories aside, the lame stream media can’t possibly believe we are all as stupid and gullible (check Mark Dice’s video on removal of “gullible” from the dictionary), with the noted exception of the wine moms described above and certain other groups we can’t mention because that would be raaaaaaccccist! This begs the questions what can, and will, we do about the current quagmire, and the ever increasing assault on our once great country? Any meaningful answer is likely to be ugly and result in copious watering of the tree of liberty.

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