From Protect and Serve to Turn Tail and Run

The lunatics aren’t running the asylum. Nope. Not one bit.

The Los Angeles Police Commission wants LAPD officers, when confronted with an armed suspect, to run away.

That’s the ticket!

Screw protect and serve!

It’s every man for himself!

The problem stems from a police shooting in which a suspect armed with a knife charged at officers prompting one of them to fire at her.

The commission believed it would have been better if the two officers involved had simply turned tail and run away.

You know, so the armed suspect could charge at an innocent civilian instead.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League had some pretty harsh words for these idiots on the commission. In their official blog, among other scathing comments, they wrote:

It sure must be easy to talk about “redeploying” an officer’s position while sipping a Diet Coke or bottled water while sitting in a police-guarded, air-conditioned room, in a cushy office chair, watching the events unfold in slow motion on a big-screen TV.

This is the problem with letting agitators and social justice warriors call the shots (no pun intended) when it comes to protecting and serving the citizens.

We entrust the police to keep us safe. It is why we have police officers.

Unfortunately, in this fallen world in which we live, some people give no value to human life. How else do you explain the existence of Planned Parenthood?

The police are one line of defense in a civilized society.

[Of course, the primary line of defense is an armed citizen.]

Only moronic dinks on the Left would believe the best way to maintain a civil society is disarm the private citizens and instruct the police to run away like a bunch of scared rabbits.

How long before our moral betters decide that police should not be armed either?

Political correctness doesn’t just infringe on Free Speech you guys. It kills.

And all the politically correct reactive bullshit happening with regard to policing is going to get a hell of a lot of people killed.

What am I saying?

It isn’t going to; it already has.

Is it any wonder voters are drawn to Donald Trump?

After eight years of the Age of Obama, Americans want to be led by someone who advocates for law and order, justice under the law, and a safe, secure America.

I’m guessing that must be why the largest police organization in the country just endorsed him.

Hat tip The Daily Caller

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2 thoughts on “From Protect and Serve to Turn Tail and Run

  • September 24, 2016 at 6:43 pm

    All under Obama’s liberal administration, next Obama will demand that all police give up their weapons. I can’t wait until he gets his traitorous rear out of the White House and Trump repeals all of his executive actions. ; ( Kimberly

  • September 25, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    I think it best to take these Commissars and put them on the front line of heavy crime areas. Weaponless of course, other than a smart phone so they can #hashtag criminals into surrendering.

    Throw in the SJWs too for good measure.

    All of these buffoons can talk easy while sitting in their safe zone. Time to get em out on the field and into the game and learn a few of lifes lessons

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