The RAISE Act: Ending “Immigration as a Welfare Program”


Did you watch President Trump’s press conference on the RAISE Act?

If not, here it is:

Or, as Ann Coulter put it just moments ago:

In 1965, thanks to that fat, wretched Ted Kennedy, America’s immigration laws were transformed into a Welfare Program for the World.

Instead of only inviting those who could support themselves and actually contribute to our economy, we gave priority to unskilled, no-skilled, uneducated poor people from third world countries.

But immigration was never intended to be an international Welfare Program.

Yet that is exactly what it’s become.

According to a 2015 study 51% of immigrant households use at least one welfare program. That includes Medicaid, cash benefits, food stamps or housing.

This is compared to 30% among those native born Americans.

The highest use of Welfare programs among immigrants are found among those from third world countries. And that includes a whopping 73% of immigrants from Central America and Mexico.

But for those from Europe, East Asia and South Asia it is much lower (26%, 32% and 17% respectively).

When Ted Kennedy’s immigration law turned fifty, Ann Coulter wrote a column titled The War on America Turns 50.

The 1965 act brought in the poorest of the poor from around the globe. Non-English-speaking peasants from wildly backward cultures could be counted on to be dependent on government assistance for generations to come.
Kennedy and other Democrats swore up and down that the new immigration law would not change the country’s demographics, but post-1965-act immigrants are nothing like the people who already lived here.
As Pew Research cheerfully reports, previous immigrants were “almost entirely” European. But since Kennedy’s immigration act, a majority of immigrants have been from Latin America. One-quarter are from Asia. Only 12 percent of post-1965-act immigrants have been from Europe — and they’re probably Muslims.

After fifty years of dragging down our economy while further burdening taxpayers and depressing wages, it’s about damn time somebody is trying to do something.

But here’s the sad truth.

The RAISE Act will not only be opposed by every Democrat in the Senate, but several Republicans will fight it as well.

And I suspect they will include the usual suspects: Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Jeff Flake.

No doubt John McCain will drag his rotting carcass to Washington just to vote “No” as well.

Cheap Labor proponents like the US Chamber of Commerce give a heck of a lot of money to these Republicans. And the last thing they want is for their endless supply of low-wage, unskilled, uneducated immigrants to dry up.

But Ann Coulter is right, if we don’t stop this Immigration as Welfare Program, America will inevitably become just another third-world hell-hole.

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4 thoughts on “The RAISE Act: Ending “Immigration as a Welfare Program”

  • August 2, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    McCain’s ‘rotting carcass’ – LMAO! I don’t expect any of the swamp to like this one, even if we do. Shameful, but they have no shame. It’s time to rip the Teflon off Congress.

  • August 3, 2017 at 11:29 am

    “America will inevitably become just another third-world hell-hole.”

    That’s a feature, not a bug

  • August 3, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    If “McCain’s rotting carcass” is dragged back to the swamp and left (or simply misplaced for a while) can we expect Operation Bluebook to come out of retirement to report another round of swamp gas UFO’s? Perhaps Al Gore will go back into the hot air business and declare rotting politicians to be another source of Dizzy City air pollution? Well, er, uh, besides his own bad breath overwhelming the stench coming from Congress that is…

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