Are you ready for the KushnerGate Conspiracy?


Earlier in the week, I noticed that the Enslaved Press was playing up a supposed “schism” between Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon.

And the first thing that popped into my head was “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

Here’s a fact.

For more than a year, the Enslaved Press has tried everything humanly possible to separate Donald Trump from his base of supporters.

And nothing has worked.

So I read these stories about a “power-struggle” between Bannon and Kushner, and immediately I smell a rat.

The Enslaved Press wants to create a schism among Trump’s base of support.

And after nearly two years of trying, it looks like they found a way to accomplish it.

Enter the KushnerGate Conspiracy.

Some Conspiracy-loving Trump supporters are taking to the Echo Chamber of Silly known as Twitter with the hashtag #FireKushner.

“Kushner’s a Liberal Globalist!”

“He’s a shill of the Joooooooos!!!”

Suddenly people who supported Donald Trump because he is his own man have decided that the President is nothing but a big, mindless dummy being manipulated by a Globalist puppeteer.

“Kushner has deep ties with Goldman Sachs!”

Of course, Steve Bannon used to work at Goldman Sachs too. And they want to keep Bannon.

Oy, you guys.

And these angry Trump supporters are even citing far-Left websites to justify their KushnerGate Conspiracy.

Like this guy did:

I don’t know how a website could “privately admit” something. Since, you know, it’s a website.

But no matter.

Why would any Trump supporter fall for a piece written by Slate?

These are the guys who caterwaul about “false flags.” Yet they willingly fall for a coordinated effort by the Enslaved Press to create the illusion of palace intrigue at the White House?

These people are now believing stories churned out by the same news outlets they’ve accused of being #FakeNews for months.

I went to the #FireKushner page on Twitter. And I lost count of the number of people tweeting out an article from The Hill.

The Hill. The same news outlet that has a crush on Chelsea Clinton.

The Enslaved Press has one objective: Destroy Trump’s presidency.

And the one thing that stands in their way is the unwavering support from Trump’s voters.

What better way to damage Trump than to gin up suspicion and paranoia?

Let me just state for the record that I didn’t vote for Trump because of Jared Kushner. Nor did I vote for Trump because of Steve Bannon.

I voted for Trump because of Trump.

The good news, of course, is that the conspiracy lovers pushing KushnerGate may be loud, but they’re small in number.

What’s terrifically sad, however, is the Enslaved Press is making hay over their existence.

Of course they are.

That’s the idea.

CNN is pushing this “Bannon is on the outs and Kushner is on the rise” narrative almost as fervently as they push RussiaGate.

What I cannot understand is why the same people who know RussiaGate is garbage are so willing to buy CNN’s KushnerGate.

This is the same pile of crap the Enslaved Press pulled after the RNC Convention, you guys.

Remember back in August all the stories about “turmoil” in the Trump campaign? Remember?

According to the Enslaved Press the Trump Team was “imploding” and in “disarray.”

A good rule of thumb is “Never trust the Enslaved Press.”

As I said the other night regarding Syria, the Enslaved Press will use Syria as way to drive a wedge between Donald Trump and his base of support.

And they have, haven’t they?

They bring on John McCain and Lindsey Graham who crow about “regime change” and “nation building” to give Trump’s America First supporters the impression that McCain and Graham’s positions are shared by the President.

The Enslaved Press wants Trump supporters to believe that the President has abandoned his core principle of America First.

And this Kushner vs. Bannon narrative is cut from the same cloth.

Don’t fall for it.

On a related note: The Conservative Treehouse takes apart this KushnerGate Conspiracy. And it’s well worth reading.

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