Relaxing the definition of “White Nationalist” to include Andy Ngo

Relaxing the definition of “White Nationalist” to include Andy Ngo

Say, did you know that Asian reporter Andy Ngo is a White Nationalist?

Seems crazy, no?

Clearly there is a shortage of White Nationalists in America if you have to so completely relax the definition of the term in order to accommodate a gay Vietnamese-American.

It is open season on Andy Ngo — the one reporter who covers the violent Anarchist group Antifa.  Ngo’s fellow “journalists” can smear him, libel him, and even with a straight face call him a White Nationalist.

Anybody who threatens the Left’s Narrative is now a White Nationalist. Or a Nazi.  Or an “alt-Right extremist.”  They toss these words around like confetti on New Year’s Eve.

Hell, I’ve been called a Nazi cunt, alt-Right (which I don’t even know what that is), a Right Wing Extremist, and a White Nationalist.

These guys are so desperate to conjure out of nothing a mythical army of goose-stepping White Nationalists, they have no problem broadening the definition in order to include an Asian-American like Andy Ngo.

Ngo has been a target for a few years now. But the current round of attacks are a preemptive smear campaign because Congressman Jim Jordan has invited Andy Ngo to testify on the violence from Antifa.

This is how desperate the Left is to hide and deny the violence of Antifa.  The “kill the messenger” response is telling.

On Friday, OAN reporter Jack Posobiec was attacked by these cretins during the “protest” at the Lincoln Emancipation Statue in DC.

And how do “mainstream” reporters respond?

Well, most of them are silent as church mice – including all the “journalists” who rushed to defend poor Manu Raju when that meanie Martha McSally called him a *gasp* “Liberal hack.”

Though, some reporters have responded by arguing that Jack Posobiec isn’t a real journalist – as if somehow that erases the reality of the attack that is on video.  And, of course, they’re accusing him of being an Alt-Right Nazi Sympathizing White Nationalist Conspiracy Theorist.

It boggles the mind how fully invested the media and the Democrats are in protecting Antifa.  They even go so far as to deny the very existence of this band of anarchists that proudly declare themselves Antifa — as Congressman Jerry Nadler did from the House floor just the other day.

And just as they do with Andy Ngo, “mainstream” reporters have no problem slandering Posobiec to protect their militant compadres.

Like this NBC News “reporter.”

“Not saying he deserves an ‘assault,’ but …”

Yeah, there’s always a “but.”

How cute to put the word “assault” in quotation marks. I watched the video. He was assaulted. That’s what you call it when people, among other things, push and shove you, grab at your neck, and attempt to steal your phone.

If a police officer manhandled a Black Lives Matter activist the way these creeps manhandled Posobiec, we’d never hear the end of it. The video would go viral on Social Media, politicians would be calling for the officer to be fired or arrested, and Don Lemon would be quivering like a spastic colon while tearfully waxing on about “systemic racism.”

But since it’s Jack Posobiec, who cares? He’s not a real journalist and PizzaGate or something! Am I right?

As with Andy Ngo, the “justification” for Posobiec getting attacked is “he brought it on himself by being there.”

Honestly, I’ve never seen this level of mental gymnastics all to defend and excuse the actual violence of the Left.

Imagine if someone said, “George Floyd brought it on himself by breaking the law.”

Could you imagine the response from these same people claiming Jack Posobiec or Andy Ngo have it coming? They’d be apoplectic with rage.

But this is where we are.

As I said the other day, the Democrats and their media handmaids focus like a laser on the imaginary “violence” supposedly perpetrated by the Right while excusing — or flat-out denying — the actual violence perpetrated by the Left.

They toss around words like “Nazi,” “White Nationalist,” “Alt-Right” “Right Wing Extremist” with wild abandon – twisting and bending the meaning of these words to fit anyone no matter how non-existent the association might be.

But at the same time they hold tightly to the literal meaning of “Antifa” – maintaining the most narrow and restricted definition possible in order to absolve the anarchist group of any culpability.

“They’re not violent! Antifa literally means ‘anti-fascist!’ They are fighting fascists just like the Americans who stormed the beaches of Normandy!!!”

That is, when they’re not claiming that Antifa doesn’t exist at all.

In saner times, this kind of Orwellian Newspeak would be rejected completely.

But we don’t live in sane times, do we?

And the people advancing this dystopic Newspeak aren’t just random idiots on Social Media craving the dopamine hits that come from trolling everyone they hate.  Instead, they are the so-called “Guardians of the Truth” in the news media and elected officials from the Democrat Party.

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5 thoughts on “Relaxing the definition of “White Nationalist” to include Andy Ngo

  • June 28, 2020 at 11:31 am

    I’m not surprised. If Martin Luther King was alive today the left would be calling him a white nationalist or even tickling the thought that Black and Whites should live together

    • July 1, 2020 at 4:52 pm

      Nothing screams “White Supremacist” than a diminutive gay reporter who is the child of parents who fled South Vietnam after the North, in a gesture of Asian dhimmitude, invaded the South, kiling about 400K ruthless unarmed supremacists in the process.

    • July 1, 2020 at 4:58 pm

      Current Wisdom

      Ganging up on one tiny, unarmed gay son of Vietnamese refugees is EXACTLY the same as storming a beach in the face of tens of millions of machine gun bullets, each of which carries the same punch as a hunting rifle

  • June 28, 2020 at 6:39 pm

    The enemies of Normal Americans are evil and insane. That is not good. For them. Tune them out and stand up for Normal Traditional God-loving AMERICA. We outnumber them many times over. They will live to regret their vile petulance.

  • June 28, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    Come on, we have to face the fact that a White Asian (Andy Ngo) is almost as dangerous as one of those White Hispanics (George Zimmerman).

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