Rent Free

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Barack Obama keeps harping on Fox News.

If he thinks it puts Fox in a bad light, he would be, as usual, wrong.

It makes him look petty and petulant, like a vindictive eighth grade girl (which, by the way, isn’t particularly presidential).

Check out this clip from Megyn Kelly’s show the other night with a montage of Obama obsessing about Fox.

But he can’t help himself. Fox News is living rent free in Barack Obama’s head.

And, really, you can’t get better publicity than having the supposed “Leader of the Free World” using his bully pulpit to carp on and on about you.

Fox News is watched by more people than CNN and MSNBC combined in part because they are not slavish in their devotion to Obama, but also because CNN and MSNBC are really lampoonish.

So, really, when Obama is slamming Fox News, who he really is attacking are the people who watch.

I have issues with Fox and occasionally will take them to task.

But here’s the difference. I’m not obsessed with Fox. And I’m not the President of the United States.

Obama’s obsession with Fox does far more to make him look like an idiot than it does to damage the Fox News brand.

Rent Free

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One thought on “Rent Free

  • May 14, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    When Barack bashes Fox News, it only serves to underscore the absolute value of Fox News.

    Additionally, it is irksome to the left that Fox News ratings are roughly equal to ALL OTHER Democratic Party news outlets, combined.

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