Republican Voters Beware

I remember during the 2008 primaries, I said to my Mom, “It makes me nervous when the Liberal media tells us which Republican candidate is the one to beat.”

It was all we heard right?

“McCain’s the one to beat!”

“McCain’s the inevitable nominee because he’s the only one who can win!”

And they did it again in 2012.

“It’s Romney’s nomination to lose!”

“Romney is the only one who can win the Independents!”

“Romney is the only Republican who can defeat Barack Obama.”

And on and on they go.

Well, I just finished watching a 15-minute segment from Friday’s broadcast of The Five about which Republican is best positioned to win back the White House.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, let me give you these pertinent quotes from Geraldo Rivera:

I think it’s all about Governor Jeb Bush. I’ve said it from the beginning he’s the real Hispanic in this race. I think he has tremendous crossover appeal. I’ve — he’s not his brother, but he carries a lot of good will from the Bush clan. And I like him. I like his wife. I like his son George.

And this:

I think that’s why Jeb Bush is the inevitable Republican nominee and the man who can beat Hillary Clinton because it will come down to Florida again, it seems to me.

And this:

It’s like 600,000 Puerto Ricans have moved into Central Florida. They’re fleeing Puerto Rico because of the financial distress. They’re moving in to Florida, they are citizens, they vote. And I think that they will vote for Jeb Bush because he hablas (ph) and because he is so sensitive but to the minority.

And when Eric Bolling asked Geraldo, “Would a Jeb nomination create the same apathy that Romney did last time or even McCain?”

Geraldo said:

I really don’t think so. I think that he’s innovative enough and they get it. Those Bushes are pros. Dana knows better than most.

Republican Voters Beware

Now, Breitbart has been holding an online primary for the Republican candidates. Readers vote for their top three choices.

The top two are Ted Cruz and Scott Walker.

Jeb Bush has received ZERO PERCENT of voters’ Number One pick, 1% of voters’ Number Two pick, and 1% of voters’ Number Three Pick.

When Conservative Review held a March Madness brackets-style primary of potential Republican contenders, Jeb Bush got knocked out in the first round, and Ted Cruz won [sorry, I couldn’t find the link].

In May, when the Right Scoop asked, given Ted Cruz is most of their readers’ first choice for President, who would be their second choice, Scott Walker won with 34% of the vote and Jeb Bush received 0.43% of the vote.

Funny. Rank and file voters don’t seem nearly as excited about Jeb Bush as Liberal Geraldo Rivera is. And yet, Liberal Geraldo Rivera is certain that Jeb Bush should be our nominee. Not only should be our nominee, but is a lock for the nomination.

If 2008 and 2012 teach us anything, it is this. Republican voters beware a Liberal telling us whom we should vote for or who our inevitable nominee will be.

There is no inevitability. What the Liberal Enslaved Press are doing is advancing the myth of inevitability in order to create a “self-fulfilling prophesy.”

They want to choose our nominee. And trust me on this one. Geraldo, like every other Liberal member of the Enslaved Press, has no interest in our selecting the very best candidate, the most effective candidate, or the candidate who would be the best possible choice to lead the nation.

They want the Democrat to win.

Never forget that.

So, their choice for the Republican nomination will always, always be the guy who will most easily get his ass kicked in the General.

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2 thoughts on “Republican Voters Beware

  • July 7, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    It’s reverse psychology. The Democrats were the biggest donors to Republican Lindsey Graham’s re-election campaign down here in South Carolina. But these low information voters down here just know he is a Republican so he must be the one to vote for.
    I’d like to see a Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump on the ballot. Both Dems and Repubs are down playing their chances. That makes them appealing to me.

  • July 8, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    I keep seeing everyone decry Donald Trump as a clown who isn’t a real candidate. After making the statement, they immediately lavish praise upon Jeb. We are to believe Trump isn’t a real candidate but Jeb is? Who is the bigger clown? The guy who says Mexico is screwing us or the guy who says everyone crossing the border illegally is doing so “out of love?”

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