“RESIST” crowd freaks out over the word LIBERATE

“RESIST” crowd freaks out over the word LIBERATE

Yesterday, President Trump sent a series of tweets with the word LIBERATE:

Naturally, the people who have been shrieking “RESIST!!!” since January 20, 2017 went into a full meltdown because the President tweeted the word LIBERATE.

“He’s fomenting armed conflict,” the RESIST rabble raged.  “He’s inciting civil war!!!! RESIST!!!!

Ironic, ain’t it?

For three years the RESIST crowd has been urging bureaucrats in Washington, members of Congress, federal judges, and governors to RESIST President Trump.  They’ve been harassing Trump supporters, Republicans, and Administration officials while celebrating as a hero anyone who leaks classified information to the press.

Because when you RESIST the President, it is noble and virtuous.

But when the President wants to LIBERATE the American people from government overreach, it is dangerous.

Hardly shocking.  The RESIST movement isn’t big on Liberty.

These guys can incite violence, foment division all in the name of the ResistanceLOL.

But the President tweeting LIBERATE sends them off the deep end.

Yes, LIBERATE shouldn’t be normalized.

Because if we normalize LIBERATE, why, Americans just might remember that this country is founded on Individual Liberty and Sovereignty.  And that isn’t good … for the Democrats.

I don’t recall Senator Murphy ever getting all well-I-nevery over people shrieking “RESIST” do you?

Then again, Senator Murphy sided with Iran when General Smolderimani was taken out. And just yesterday, he sided with China.

I think it’s safe to say that when the chips are down, Chris Murphy sides with our enemies. So it isn’t shocking that the President tweeting LIBERATE upsets him.

The President of the United States is coming down on the side of the American people.  More specifically, he’s siding with Liberty.

And that’s what really bothers the RESIST crowd about his tweeting LIBERATE.

He’s making a choice.  And he chose Freedom.

But these guys can’t say, “Listen, the President should fall in lockstep and support government overreach and unconstitutional dictates.  He shouldn’t fall in with the American people.”

So they pretend LIBERATE is some super-secret code for inciting a violent insurrection.  Whereas “RESIST” is not.

You know it’s BS.  I know it’s BS.  And they know it’s BS.

Because if they really worried about inciting violence or insurrection, they never would have encouraged and coddled — an in some instances joined — the RESIST Movement.

The Democrats and their useful idiots in the ResistanceLOL want the American people under heel.

That’s why LIBERATE is such a frightening word to them.

Individual sovereignty scares them. Freedom in general scares them.

Liberty — that very foundation of our country — scares the crap out of them.

People like Chris Murphy want the people pliant and obedient.  They seek an America where the government dictates and the people simply fall in line like herded sheep and do as they’re told.

That’s not America.  That’s tyranny.

The President recognizes that.

But those who for three years accused Trump of being a tyrant that we must RESIST have no problem at all with tyranny — so long as they are the tyrants.

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2 thoughts on ““RESIST” crowd freaks out over the word LIBERATE

  • April 18, 2020 at 12:31 pm

    ‘Resistance’ is a subversive action. It is designed to undermine the government and the leadership and is a ‘Political’ movement not a movement of the people.

    ‘Liberate’ is exactly as Dianny said, the pursuit and attainment of FREEDOM!!! This is all about the people and their rights and abilities to live as they choose.

    Subversives are threats to the stability of any government and should be viewed as Seditious acts that are criminal in nature. Resisting as has been demonstrated by the left is being used to deny people their freedom of speech and assembly (Antifa attacking conservatives and Christians) as well as deny innocent people due process as we have found in the FISA abuse that is rampant in the FBI having been done by ‘resistors’ who were trying to undermine Trump’s presidency. They should be lined up and shot to be honest but I am probably a little less tolerant at this point of pointy headed liberal ‘resistors’.

  • April 19, 2020 at 3:55 pm

    Liberate New York………………but send us 30,000 ventilators!

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