Reverend Kamala and the First Partisanterian Church

Reverend Kamala and the First Partisanterian Church

Amazing how that infamous “wall of separation” instantly disappears when Democrats decide to use Sunday church services to campaign, isn’t it? When Reverend Kamala Harris wants to beam her sermon to a ton of Virginia black churches, just like the walls of Jericho, that “wall of separation” comes a’tumblin’ down.

Then again, Reverend Kamala has a voice made for topplin’ walls.

It’s one thing to disregard the mythical “wall of separation” between Church and State (a phrase that appears nowhere in the Constitution).

It’s quite another for Reverend Kamala to disregard federal law.

And beaming her obnoxious presence into three hundred Virginia churches to directly campaign for Terry McAuliffe violates federal law – specifically something called “The Johnson Amendment.”

Not that the IRS is going to swoop in and revoke the tax-exempt status of those 300 churches anytime soon. It isn’t as if they permitted someone to campaign for the Republican candidate after all.

No, it’ll be ignored.

Because, despite what Democrats always tell you, some people are most definitely above the law. And they all have a “D” after their name.

Just for laughs, Glenn Youngkin should have Mike Pence beam a campaign message into 300 churches just to see what happens.

I’d post the video of Reverend Kamala preaching the good news of the Gospel According to Democrats, but I’m not going to because I’m still recovering from watching those videos of her talking about seeing the craters on the moon WITH YOUR OWN EYES!!!!

Boy, she’s never going to live that down. Even Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley’s write-up about Reverend Kamala violating the law made mention of it:

The video was aired last Sunday and will air again next Sunday. It was also quoted and aired by CNN. As Harris said in her much maligned “space video,” you can see the violation of federal law “with your own eyes.”

Good gracious. They’re airing it more than once? These guys really are brazen, aren’t they?

But apparently they’re desperate.

The latest poll from Trafalgar Group, one of the most accurate polling outfits, has McAuliffe and Youngkin tied at 48%. That must scare the bejesus out of the Democrats. Especially when you consider that Biden won Virginia by nearly ten percentage points.

Plus, you’d have to be desperate to resort to Kamala Harris as your secret weapon.

Is there any measurable proof that Kamala Harris is wildly popular among black voters, let alone with church-going black voters? Is there any measurable proof that she’s wildly popular with anyone? This is the woman who couldn’t even drum up enough support among Democrat primary voters to stay in the race until Iowa, for crap’s sake.

My guess is the Democrats are just throwing as many black women into the mix hoping the color of their skin will get black voters to overlook the fact that Terry McAuliffe is a rich white guy. In fact, yesterday McAuliffe brought in the Georgia Loser herself Stacey “Rerun” Abrams to campaign for him.

I wonder if they’ll get Stacey to record a video (in widescreen) and beam that into churches as well.

At the end of the day, violating federal law to win an election will bring no consequences. Nothing is going to happen to these churches, or the White House or the McAuliffe campaign. Sure, the IRS wants to have the power to pry into every bank account with $600 in it, but it won’t do a damn thing about this.

The law only matters if it helps keep the Democrats in power.

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3 thoughts on “Reverend Kamala and the First Partisanterian Church

  • October 19, 2021 at 10:37 am

    Where are the republicans? They need to be submitting articles or impeachment and/or ethics violations complains everyday for members of this administration and party. The damn GOP is worthless. They have no spine and their weakness makes our lives more miserable. The GOP needs to seize these unethical behavior patterns by the dumbocrats and blast it back in their faces. Also, find someone better that McCarthy to lead us if we win back the House as he’s is a cali loser.

  • October 19, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    This will backfire on those fools. kamala is as unlikable a creature as I’ve ever seen. And this pathetic pandering is so insulting. We NORMAL Americans are very lucky that our enemies are stupid and ugly liars. Cowards, too.

  • October 19, 2021 at 3:47 pm

    The problem is that what the Vice President is doing isn’t illegal for HER. It isn’t illegal for the churches either. It does mean that the church is ineligible to be a tax-exempt entity any longer by IRS rules.

    The biggest problem is that the rule isn’t going to be enforced. That is the crime here and it is being committed by bureaucrats at the IRS.

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