It was rigged long before Hillary even announced

Howard Dean got really mad at President Trump this morning for tweeting out this:

No one, that is, except Donna Brazile and Senator Elizabeth Warren. But let’s not pick nits.

Now, I don’t expect Howard Dean to know the truth even if it reared up, bit him on the ass and made him scream like an idiot.

But notice President Trump didn’t say they rigged the primaries.

He said they rigged the system.

And with regard to that, he is absolutely right.

The DNC and the Clinton campaign rigged the system in order to ensure the inevitable nomination of Hillary Clinton.

I just don’t think anyone – even screaming Dean – can dispute that.

As I’ve said many times before, I didn’t read the Podesta emails to find some smoking gun that would result in Hillary’s imprisonment.

I read the Podesta emails to get a good idea of how the sausage was made.

And here are a few things I found which I wrote about back on October 18, 2016.

Nearly two months before Hillary Clinton’s official campaign launch on Roosevelt Island, Robby Mook had a meltdown over DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz hiring someone to be the Democrat Convention CEO.

In an email dated March 27, 2015, Huma Abedin broke the news that Leah Doughtry had been hired.

And Robby hit the roof.

Mook sent this follow-up email to Hillary and John Podesta:

I’m distressed that DWS hired a convention CEO without consulting us after Charlie and I both told them repeatedly that we expected to be consulted–and we were under the impression they would. They didn’t consult the White House either.
Madame Secretary, I’m not going to call anyone or say anything until you have your conversation with DWS, but this concerns me a lot.
John–you, Charlie and I may need to sit down with Debbie to make clear how we want things to change/improve before we are willing to consider playing ball with them.

Again, at the time Robby sent this, Hillary wasn’t even an official candidate for the Democratic nomination.

But despite that, Mook is expecting the DNC to play ball with them.

The rest of the back and forth in this email chain is fascinating.

First, Hillary replied:

I just talked to her and she told me she had hired Leah after an “exhaustive” interviewing process.

But Robby Mook wouldn’t let it go.

It boggles my mind that they didn’t even consult the White House or us on who to even interview.
Charlie and I are both dumbfounded.

Keep in mind, this was March of 2015 — long before a single primary vote was cast.

Hillary then responded:

Clearly, the WH either didn’t care or didn’t weigh in. Probably the former.

To which Robby answered:

Yes…unfortunately, I think that’s true.
I’m on the phone with Simas [Dave Simas: WH Office of Political Strategy and Outreach] now…he’s stunned that you’ve already been called. They had absolutely no idea anyone was even being interviewed. The WH still hasn’t been contacted about about [sic] this. He’s calling her now.

But pay attention to what Hillary says next:

I think it’s too late. We can’t be seen as trying to reverse this.

When I wrote about this last year, I added:

Well, of course they can’t. Hillary hadn’t even announced her candidacy yet. How would it look if Team Clinton got up in DWS’s pooch and demanded she hire whoever Team Clinton wanted? Then everybody would have known the fix was in.

But there’s more.

In the same post from last year, I pointed out an email chain where Robby Mook – in January 2015 – was discussing with Hillary when the Democratic National Convention should be held.

In January of 2015!

This email discussing the pros and cons of holding the Convention in July versus August was specifically between Robby Mook and Hillary Clinton. And you know who wasn’t included?

The DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In the email, Mook attached a memo that outlined the pros and cons. And he closed the memo with this:

This is a close call, but we recommend July for two reasons: (1) the financial landscape is highly unpredictable and, while primary money will always be scarce, a July date is far less risky than August. (2) There’s potentially a big upside to waiting until the end of August to make your case to voters, but there’s also some risk of never getting out from under the GOP candidate, especially if you are outspent on TV.

Again. This was an email from January 15, 2015 – more than 18 months before the convention. And five months before Hillary Clinton’s official campaign announcement.

In my post, I wrote:

Anybody else coming away with the feeling that even before Hillary officially declared her candidacy, the fix was in?
Hillary Clinton had the nomination in the bag before the 2016 campaign even began.
Honestly, I don’t know how you could think anything differently.

None of this is new.

In fact, the only “breaking” news from Donna Brazile’s Politico piece was that the DNC sold their support for Hillary in exchange for the Clinton campaign bailing them out of debt.

But their rigging the nomination for Hillary began long before that.

The system was rigged by January of 2015 to ensure that Hillary Clinton would become the Democrat nominee for President.

(And I’d venture that it was rigged long before then).

As I pointed out in an earlier post, one of the ways the DNC did that was to clear the decks of any viable alternative candidates.

Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chaffee, Jim Webb – these guys were never serious contenders for the nomination.

They were tissue candidates who were used to give the appearance of Hillary having competition. Then, they were quickly thrown away.

And I believe that in the beginning, the Clinton people thought Bernie was a tissue candidate as well.

What they hadn’t counted on was that the septuagenarian screaming socialist actually resonated with so many Democrat voters.

Only then did the DNC begin to put its finger on the scale to undermine Sanders’ chances in the primaries.

But the fix was in long before the primaries began – actually, long before Hillary even announced.

And Howard Dean can bluster and scream all he wants.

There’s just no other way to spin this.

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2 thoughts on “It was rigged long before Hillary even announced

  • November 3, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    Dean wouldn’t be able to see reality if it were a flare in a dark room and would deny the truth even while it marched past him in the street accompanied by a brass band wearing a clown suit and waving a sign that said “I’m the TRUTH”.

  • November 4, 2017 at 6:13 am

    Tin Foil Hat Time:
    And when he knew of the ‘fix’ and had the goods on all of them, Seth Rich died.
    Yet I just do not think that it is a ‘tin foil hat’ thing. Death happens all the time
    around the Clinton Crime Family. “Arkancide” they call it. Is no one every going
    to REALLY investigate the guys death? Nope. No one else wishes to buy the farm.

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