RNC Convention throws Democrats a curveball

The Democrats are creatures of habit. There is a certain way things are to happen in elections, and Republicans must stick to the playbook at all times.

With the Republican National Convention well underway, Liberal Democrats are having the vapors because the Republicans, rather than sticking with the approved Democrat playbook, decided to lob them a curveball or two.

Or three.

Probably more as the convention still has a couple days to go.

Here’s the way the Democrats expect things to play out:

Democrats are permitted to hurl the most vile and hateful accusations at their Republican opponents. Then, they bring in a parade of people they claim have been wronged by the Republicans. And in return, the Republicans are to lie down and take it.

For example:
• Harry Reid standing on the floor of the Senate accusing Mitt Romney of never paying his taxes.
• The DNC airing a commercial showing Paul Ryan shoving a lady in a wheelchair off a cliff.
• An Obama SuperPAC running a commercial of a man who claimed Mitt Romney murdered his wife.
• Hillary Clinton and the DNC inviting the mother of Michael Brown to speak at their upcoming convention.
• Hillary Clinton’s surrogates making every accusation in the book against Donald Trump no matter how over-the-top and fearmongery it may be.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are to do their part and let these demagogic attacks proceed without so much as a how do you do. They are to maintain their buttoned-up, dignified manner no matter what kind of garbage gets hurled at them.

Mitt Romney followed the playbook perfectly. Even when he had the perfect opportunity to hammer Obama about Benghazi, he folded like a cheap suit.

John McCain likewise played his part without complaint. He even fired people from his campaign who would dare to attack Barack Obama’s radical past.

Two days into the RNC Convention, it is crystal clear that the Trump is refusing to play the part of the DNC’s pliant whipping boy.

The Democrats have grown so used to Republicans sending the ball straight over the plate for them to knock out of the park, they are reeling over the completely unhittable curveball this convention sent their way.

The RNC speakers fired back at the Democrats with the same kind of ammunition. Suddenly the Democrats and their Enslaved Press are crying foul.

How dare the RNC invite Sean Smith’s mother to speak at the Convention?! How dare they let a woman who has made it her mission to speak out against Hillary Clinton to have a platform from which to vent her anger at the failed former Secretary of State?!

How dare the RNC permit the families of those murdered by illegal aliens speak?! How dare they use such inflammatory rhetoric and exploit the loss of their loved ones that way?!

Of course when Barack Obama invited the mother of one of the children killed in Newtown to give his weekly address in his stead, the Democrats didn’t make a peep about it.

Again, these same Democrats who are crying foul over those speakers are letting Michael Brown’s mother speak at their own convention.

Because Democrats are allowed to do those things; Republicans are not.

What is upsetting the Democrats and their Enslaved Press is their own playbook is being used against them.

Now they’re screaming, “Not fair!!!

They’re also super upset that when Donald Trump came out on stage to introduce Melania, his entrance had a whole lot of Hollywood glitz to it.

How dare the Republican Party’s convention look splashy and all Hollywoody?!

Republican Conventions are supposed to be boring. Their speakers must be suit and tie policy wonks who talk about taxes and spending and national security. Only the Democrats are allowed to be glitzy!!!

Let me tell you. If the DNC could bring Hillary on stage with that much fanfare without looking like they stole it from Trump, they would do it.

Given how Hillary pretty much stole her entire campaign platform from Bernie Sanders and Obama, I wouldn’t put it past her to try.

And, oh, how they are fuming over Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani!

Those two attacked Hillary!!! They attacked her!!! Christie had the nerve to get the crowd riled up enough to chant “Lock her up!!! Lock her up!!!”

Only Democrats are allowed to fire up the crowd! Only Democrat crowds can chant things!!!

By using the Democrats’ methods against them, Trump has effectively diffused the Democrat Party Playbook.

No matter what they do now, they’ll look like a cheap imitation.

For all the talk about how Trump is the weakest candidate of the seventeen to face Hillary, I’m starting to think that isn’t the case. Hey, I was one of the people who said that. And this convention has changed my mind.

What gives Trump an advantage is that he is completely unafraid to scrap the passive standard Republican playbook.

Unlike Romney, McCain and pretty much every Republican in Congress, Trump isn’t going to cling to the political equivalent of the Marquess of Queensbury rules while the Democrats use their typical No-Holds-Barred street fighting techniques.

After decades of knowing they will destroy their Republican opponents without so much as a peep, that’s a curveball the Democrats aren’t prepared for.

You only have to take note of the howling and complaining coming from the Enslaved Press this week to know that I’m right.

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4 thoughts on “RNC Convention throws Democrats a curveball

  • July 20, 2016 at 11:53 am

    I love it. Outstanding commentary.

  • July 20, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    I’m delighted that you see it this way, and your analysis is flawless. So, do you also believe now that Andrew Breitbart, had he lived, might also see things this way, and hence approve of the *war* supported by his namesake newsgroup? Because I sure could have used your support in arguments like this one four months ago. Things might have turned out differently.

  • July 20, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    Another fun “curveball” was Christie asking the audience to play “GUILTY or NOT GUILTY” jury
    to Hillary’s criminal behavior. “LOCK HER UP!” repeatedly chanted was a plus…!

    After all: one simply does *not* address The-High-She-Demon in such a manner! 😉

  • July 20, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    The Democrats are turning cartwheels of delight over the Trump candidacy. After all, they turned out in droves to vote for him in the open primaries because he gave a very weak Hillary the best chance of being elected in the fall. Once you get past the “glitz” Trump lacks substance and knowledge of the issues beyond a few catch phrases and pocket-full of insults. And just wait for the media to begin attacking. There’s lots of dirt there for both Trump and Hillary, and we all know which one the media will go after. Hillary is so weak that it is possible that even an ignoramus like Trump could beat her. But make no mistake about it, they got the Republican candidate they wanted.

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