Robot Hillary: A pre-programmed candidate by committee

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered in going through the WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails, it’s that Hillary Clinton is a candidate created by committee. Everything she says is carefully pre-programmed and loaded into her memory banks.

I’ve combed through about five thousand of these emails, paying particular attention to exchanges among the Clinton campaign staff.

Every speech and statement given by Hillary Clinton is written by committee. Each sentence, phrase, word and punctuation carefully scrutinized and rewritten not only by her staff, but through the input of media strategists and polling outfits.

No wonder Hillary comes off as pre-programmed and robotic. Nothing she says is from the heart. Behind every word she utters is an army of people who carefully scripted everything she says.

It makes me wonder. If Hillary Clinton had to rely on her own talents, skills and devices to run for office would she have been capable of doing it?

Even op-eds written under Hillary’s byline are a team effort given the same exhaustive edits and rewrites as her speeches.

I can’t tell you how many of these emails are lengthy confabs over the content of her speeches. I lost count.

If you go to Podesta Emails and enter the search word DRAFT, you’ll be amazed at how many results you get.

For example. More people were involved in constructing Hillary’s big, splashy Roosevelt Island campaign launch speech than were involved in writing the Bible.

They were campaign staff, people from research and marketing groups, public relations firms, not to mention Democrat-linked polling outfit ALG Polling. All of these people were involved in creating Hillary Clinton’s Roosevelt Island speech.

Think about that.

When Hillary Clinton delivers a speech, she didn’t build that. An army of somebody elses made that happen.

Hillary isn’t so much a person as she is a carefully programmed and formulated political creation – a candidate by committee.

While other sites hammer the explosive tidbits tucked away in these Podesta emails, that’s the thing I find so remarkable.

If we stripped away her battalion of staff, the marketing strategists, polling outfits and public relations firms, would Hillary Clinton be capable of speaking for herself?

Something tells me the answer is a big, fat no.

Let me give you a flavor for it.

In March, Hillary “wrote” an op-ed on gun violence for the New York Daily News.

Only, Hillary didn’t write a word of it.

There are eight emails hammering out what this op-ed would say and Hillary wasn’t involved at all.

Yet the public perception is this was an op-ed written by the Democratic candidate for President named Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The public perception has no relation to reality. She didn’t write it. It was written by committee.

Then there are the debates.

Among the debate-related emails, I found a 154-page “Debate Prep” book from January, 2016. It contains every possible question along with every corresponding scripted answer.

One hundred and fifty-four pages. No wonder Hillary spends so much time in debate prep. She has hundreds of answers to memorize.

The bottom line is this. Hillary Clinton is not someone with hard and fast principles or deeply-held beliefs.

She is a candidate by committee – carefully crafted, exhaustively scripted, and about as authentically human as C-3PO.

[That’s probably unfair. C-3PO is way more human than Hillary.]

This is precisely why she comes off as over-rehearsed and robotic. Virtually everything that tumbles out of her mouth has been pre-scripted, poll-tested, and run through a committee.

You can memorize talking points and pre-planned hits, but you can’t memorize empathy, compassion, and understanding.

And that’s the problem, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter how many people are involved in creating the candidate known as Hillary Clinton. Not one of them will ever succeed in making her look or sound human.

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2 thoughts on “Robot Hillary: A pre-programmed candidate by committee

  • October 16, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    You do have to give her credit though, memorizing hundreds of answers, and one assumes the questions that go with them so you can give the correct answer. Of course, in the end she only has to get the ones right that are asked, but still…

    • October 16, 2016 at 5:35 pm

      Does make you wonder why she never seems to recall anything when she’s questioned under oath, don’t it?

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