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Ugh. How many times have we heard some Clinton surrogate prattle on about what a great role model Hillary Clinton is for young girls?

That’s Michelle Obama’s go-to strategy. Yes, Hillary Clinton: a woman we can be proud to have our daughters emulate.


Not only is it laughable, it’s downright insulting.

Oh, yes, Hillary is such a strong role model!!

One day little Susie, you too can consider yourself above the law!

Don’t worry, Janie. If you play your cards right, you too will be able to destroy everyone in your path to get what you want. Just like Hillary!

Hillary Clinton is about as good a role model to young women as Lizzie Borden.


Consider the way Hillary used, abused and cast aside former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Hillary exploited Machado in a way that Donald Trump never did.

And why did she do it? For her own vainglorious lust for power.

It’s sickening really.

Now, Alicia Machado is an adult and she alone is responsible for the choices she’s made in her life.

But Hillary was so determined to use Machado as a battering ram against Donald Trump, she never bothered to see if shoving Machado into the spotlight would hurt the woman.

If Hillary were really a champion for women, she would have made absolutely certain that Machado would not be harmed in any way by Hillary’s exploitation of her.

But Hillary didn’t care what happened to Alicia Machado so long as she got what she wanted.

And apparently, the blow-back on Alicia Machado has been rough.

According to a report from the UK Daily Mail, Alicia Machado will no longer be talking about Donald Trump ever again.


Because her own sordid past and questionable behavior is now in the public eye.

She’s been made a fool of.

Not by Donald Trump, but by Hillary Clinton — role model to all young girls.

After Hillary Clinton put a spotlight on Machado’s strife with Trump in the first general election debate, the 39-year-old’s dirty laundry spilled out into the public.
Video from a Spanish reality TV show Machado participated in showed her having sex with another contestant while she was engaged to baseball star Bobby Abreu. 
It was further revealed that she was listed as an accomplice in an attempted murder in 1998, two years after she carried the Miss Universe crown. 
Machado allegedly drove the getaway car and threatened to kill the judge overseeing the case. Her then-boyfriend was indicted in the criminal case.
Clinton’s campaign has been unwilling to admit to knowing, or not knowing, about Machado’s past.
‘I don’t think that in any way excuses what Trump has said about her,’ Clinton’s national press secretary, Brian Fallon, told

Read that last sentence again.

Team Clinton shoves this woman into the limelight to advance Hillary’s campaign narrative.

And Brian Fallon is basically saying that destroying Trump by using Alicia Machado justifies putting Machado’s life under a microscope.

In other words, the ends justifies the means. Just what I want every young girl to grow up believing.

The Clinton campaign doesn’t care that they unleashed a media circus on this woman. They don’t care that exploiting her for Hillary’s own purposes exposed Machado as a bit of a skank.

It doesn’t matter to them that their own exploitation and objectification of Alicia Machado is hands down worse than anything Donald Trump ever said or did.

This wretched woman who believes she is such a bang-up excellent role model for young girls treated Alicia Machado no better than a hooker.

Donald Trump tried to save Machado’s crown when the Miss Universe Pageant wanted to strip her of it for gaining weight. And he’s the monster?

Machado was nothing more than a useful prop for Hillary Clinton to use then discard once she served her purpose.

But that’s what Hillary does to women. Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Linda Tripp. And now Alicia Machado.

Hillary got what she wanted – a petty, slanderous talking point with which to attack her opponent. To hell with what happens to Machado as a result.

Do you really want your daughters growing up emulating that?

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  • October 6, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    She’s spent a lifetime walking over the bodies of her victims on the way to the pay window.

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