Round Two: Illegal Boogaloo

I’ve been saying for over a year now that the Democrat Party is fully out of the closet as the party of non-citizens.  And in Round Two of the first Democrat Primary debate, they confirmed it.

Somewhere in Washington, South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson is feeling vindicated. 

He knew ten years ago that the healthcare plan the Democrat Party was advancing would end up covering non-citizens.  And he knew Obama’s denials were lies.

Of course Obama lied. Ten years ago, the Democrats still pretended to put American citizens over illegal aliens.

That pretense has been stripped away.

Both in Round One and Round Two of the debates, the 2020 Presidential candidates made it crystal clear that illegal aliens would be granted every privilege that should belong exclusively to the citizens of this nation.

While at the same time, they shared their plans to take more from us in taxes while stripping us of our private health insurance, restricting our liberties and trampling on our Constitutionally protected rights.

This is the modern-day Democrat Party – where illegal aliens are afforded every privilege and American citizens get stuck with the bill.

Round Two Illegal Boogaloo

Now, I don’t know whom they hope to win over with this radical, far-Left, pro-illegal platform.  But it certainly isn’t traditional Democrat constituencies like minorities and unions.

They’ve already lost the working class.

And now they’re scaring away what remains of their traditional base.

I think part of their problem is mistaking Far-Left Twitter activism for real life. Call it the AOC Syndrome.

And in their effort to appeal to the screeching far-Left gremlins on Twitter, the Democrats are alienating the voters they’ve depended on for decades.

The overwhelming majority of the country oppose the unfettered flood of illegal aliens along our southern border.  And in Round Two, the Democrat candidates for President just told that majority to go pound sand.

Milton Friedman once pointed out that you cannot have unfettered immigration and a welfare state.  The system will collapse under the weight of itself.

And yet in Round Two the 2020 candidates made it clear that their prescription for the country is precisely what Milton Friedman warned against.

Were these idiots in a coma in 2016?

Do they really not understand that the primary reason Donald Trump was elected President was because of his strong position on securing the border and putting the American people first?

There’s a reason that President Trump is polling well among blacks and Hispanics.  Illegal immigration harms them much more than the wealthy, white Liberals living in tony suburban neighborhoods.

Sure, those wealthy white Liberals will happily vote for the Democrat who virtue signals the hardest.  These voters have no skin in the game.  The negative impact of unrestrained illegal immigration won’t hurt them (not at first anyway). But it will devastate poor and minority communities.

As Joseph Klein put it over at Front Page Magazine:

The candidates offered no solutions to the humanitarian crisis at the border that would ensure the security of the American people. Most of the candidates would de-criminalize illegal entry. All the candidates raised their hands when asked if they would support a health care plan that would cover “undocumented” (i.e., illegal) immigrants. They were clueless to the fact that sanctuary cities, loophole-ridden asylum laws, and lots of free goodies are the magnets that lure more and more people from Central America to make the dangerous trek north in the first place. Making life easier for illegal immigrants, including offering them a path to citizenship, and sending millions of dollars more to the corrupt regimes in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are more important to the Democrat candidates than saving American lives and jobs.

Is it that they are clueless? Or do they simply not care?

It is astonishing to me that people who are ostensibly running to serve the American People are working so hard to appeal to non-citizens at the expense of Americans.

But this is exactly what was made abundantly clear in Round Two — and Round One actually.

The Democrat Party used to at least pretend to give a crap about Americans.

But they don’t anymore.

They’ve tossed us aside like a sack of garbage.

But only after they’ve picked through our pockets for the cash to pay for their pandering.

If Round One and Round Two of their debates are any indication of their 2020 messaging, the Democrats are effectively handing President Trump four more years in the White House.

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  • June 28, 2019 at 11:18 am

    Best summary today of individual debate performance was by Mockarena from, ‘Verdict Is In. If A Democrat Wins The White House, America Ceases To Be America.’ Best overall ‘big-picture’ of the state of the race is this article by Dianny. Another absolutely brilliant analysis Dianny.. thank you.

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