Running to be President of Some Americans

Running to be President of Some Americans

Say, did you know that Elizabeth Warren is running to be President of only some Americans?

Warren made this startling admission yesterday.  Though I don’t even know if she realizes that she did.  Which makes sense since any honesty from Liz is purely accidental.

According to CNN’s Daniella Díaz, at a campaign event in Iowa, Liz was asked if she would choose a Republican VP if she won the nomination.

As an aside, I don’t understand why they ask this.  If you’re running as the Democrat nominee, why on earth would you select a Republican?  Does anyone actually believe that the delegates at the Democratic National Convention would approve the nomination of a Republican running mate?  It’s the silliest notion ever.

Any old how. It’s neither here nor there.

The startling part is how the Candidate for President of Some Americans responded:

“So I think this should be less about political parties and more about who you’re fighting for. And I want to be clear that my running mate is fighting for the same people I’m fighting for.”

Shouldn’t a candidate for President be “fighting” for all Americans?

If you are only “fighting” for some Americans, it stands to reason that you intend to fight against the others.

Who runs for President openly admitting that she has no intention of putting all Americans first?

It’s completely stupid to campaign on the promise that you will pit some Americans against other Americans.

This idiot actually accuses President Trump of being divisive. But how is this not divisive?

“You must be fighting for the same Americans I am if you want to be on my team.”

I mean, for crying out loud, at least Hillary Clinton said she was running to be “the president for all Americans — Democrats, Republicans and Independents.”

Sure, she didn’t mean it. If she did, she never would have sneeringly called half the country Deplorable and Irredeemable. But at least Hillary knew to keep up the pretense.

Only Elizabeth Warren could make Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign appear unifying by comparison.

Does Warren not realize that, in order to win a national election, you need to convince more than just like-minded Democrats to vote for you?

“I won’t fight for you, but vote for me anyway!” ain’t gonna cut it.

And while it is hardly shocking that a Warren Presidency would pick and choose what Americans are worth her time and trouble while demonizing and attacking those she can’t be bothered with, you’d think Liz would have the sense God gave a goat not to come out an admit it on the campaign trail.

But this is Elizabeth Warren.  Her entire campaign is based on resentment and envy.  And you can’t have people to “fight for” unless there are people to fight against.

It’s why her campaign website lets you pick the name of a billionaire so you can see just how severely a Warren Administration would punish him (or her) for committing the crime of being wealthy. As I said back in November in my column “Bernie, Liz and the Politics of Envy:”

That’s a candidate for President of the United States targeting specific Americans so that envious, resentful voters can get a thrill over how much Liz will screw ’em over.

This is how she operates. Remember Warren bragged that if elected President she would go into the Rose Garden once a year and read the names of “transgenders” who are murdered.

Since she only plans to “fight” for some Americans, all the other victims of homicide aren’t worth that level of Presidential attention.

Both Warren and Sanders are campaigning to serve (or “fight for”) some Americans at the expense of other Americans.

They want us divided.

And they’re not afraid to admit it.

These Radical Democrats just can’t stop saying the quiet parts out loud.

On a purely political level, I just don’t see how this is a winning message.

But on a deeper, more substantial level, this kind of picking and choosing some Americans over others is completely contrary to our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and the very notion of a United States of America.

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2 thoughts on “Running to be President of Some Americans

  • January 21, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    A little pet peeve of mine about this bint…

    She begins a lot of her responses
    with,” So…”

    I hate that. It’s a liberal crutch.

  • January 22, 2020 at 10:46 am

    Excellent observance. Nearly all of the rabid, radical lefties have their own catchphrase or word they use to respond to facts or situations which destroy their narrative. The common thread is that all of them are snarky, condescending, and dripping with contempt for those who oppose their twisted world view. The two I personally find most loathsome are “listen” and “let me be clear”. All of theses “tells” are a clear indication that what is to follow most closely resembles that which should be quickly flushed, after first closing the lid.

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