I said be careful what you wish for

careful what you wish for

Back on March 14, 2017, I wrote a post titled This could be another case of “Be careful what you wish for” in which I said:

Democrats and the Enslaved Press may want to think long and hard about pushing the Trump Administration on the President’s claim that Obama spied on him.
Much like Russiagate, this may be yet another case of “Be careful what you wish for.”
The reason Barack Obama avoided getting ensnared in a scandal for eight years isn’t because he didn’t do anything worthy of a scandal.
Not at all. It’s because the Enslaved Press and the Democrats in Congress shielded him from scrutiny.
It’s hard to find scandals when you’re too busy covering them up.
And they did everything they could to keep the American people in the dark over what Barack Obama was up to.
But Obama isn’t the one in charge of the Justice Department or the White House anymore.
And by demanding that the White House back up the President’s claims about Obama, they are inviting exposure of something that may very well prove Trump’s accusations.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Donald Trump over the last couple of years, it’s that 99% of the time when he says something, eventually he gets proven right.
Is that really something the Democrats and Enslaved Press want in the particular case?
So be careful what you wish for, Democrats. Because you just might get it.

And yesterday the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Members of Congress were given a look at a classified memo that outlines just how egregious the abuses of the FISA process were regarding Donald Trump.

And they were stunned by what they learned.

Here’s the video clip from last night’s Hannity where Congressmen Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz discuss this classified memo.

Now remember. The Democrats in Congress were mortified when President Trump accused the Obama Administration of illegally spying on him.

They demanded a retraction while the press demanded he “prove it.”

And yet yesterday every Democrat voted against members of Congress seeing this memo.

Now, Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse offers this word of caution:

There are voices like Sara Carter and Dan Bongino who are rushing to the motive behind the story and playing directly into the hands of the Swamp Dwellers who use professional obfuscation (the Potomac two-step) to avoid accountability.
Don’t rush this story, and try to ignore any media voices who are pushing toward rushing this story. By willful design, or by incompetence, getting too far out on this story will only play into the hands of the black hat swamp dwellers behind the scenes.
The story is simple.
Political operatives within the DOJ and FBI, working to help elect Hillary Clinton, conspired with political operatives outside government to spy on the 2016 campaign officials of Donald Trump. One of the tools they used was unlawful FISA-702 “queries” and surveillance. FULL STOP.
No need to go beyond that story yet.

In other words, President Trump was right.

Again, remember how angry the Democrats and the news media were that President Trump would make such a claim “without evidence?”

They bellowed for him to “prove it!” PROVE IT!

And now the proof is coming out.

As I wrote back on March 14, 2017:

Demanding that President Trump prove that Obama was keeping tabs on him may very well result in us learning that Obama was keeping tabs on him.
And not in a legal way.
You’d think by now they would learn that shrieking, “Prove it!” to Donald Trump will only end badly for them.
But they fall for it every single time.

And nobody fell for it harder than the infinitely stupid Ted Lieu.

After President Trump sent out that tweet, Little Lieu tweeted this:

Anybody else want to see him eat that shit?

I sure do.

Lieu went on Joy Reid’s program on March 5, 2017 and, in response to the White House demanding an investigation into Obama spying said this:

“Bring it on.”

Leaving aside the fact that Ted Lieu seems to think he’s a sixteen year-old cheerleader, we did bring it on, Teddy.

And, as I said in March, be careful what you wish for, Little Ted.

Odd how Ted Lieu hasn’t tweeted a single thing about this classified memo.

Why so silent, Teddy?

Well, I think we know why.

You wished for it. You demanded it. “Bring it on,” you said.

And now I think you might be wishing you’d kept your trap shut.

The only people who are in “deep shit” are political operatives within the DOJ and FBI who corrupted the FISA process to undermine a duly elected President.

In other words, Teddy. President Trump was right.

And you, as always, were wrong.

Be careful what you wish for.

Because in the end, the truth will come out.

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One thought on “I said be careful what you wish for

  • January 19, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Don’t forget that Obama and Company were repeatedly admonished by the FISA court itself for abuse of the court system.

    And while I am not a fan of Ed Snowden’s methods he has since been proven correct.

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