Sally Kohn is literally the stupidest person on the planet

From now on, instead of calling a person stupid, call them a Kohnhead.

Or, if you prefer the original German: Kohnkopf.

Remember when Sally fell for the fictional “Hands Up/Don’t Shoot” Fake News?

Yeah, I know. Pretty stupid.

But, as is always the case. Every time Sally does something stupid like that, I think to myself, “Man, can she be any stupider?”

And every time I think that, Sally seems to go out of her way to prove to me, “Yes, I can be stupider.”

Check out this latest Kohnheaded tweet from Sally:

Kohnkopf Sally is so proud of falling for this silly fake news, she actually pinned this tweet to the top of her Twitter timeline.

Sally suffers from an ailment common among Leftists.

She is a humorless dink.

Leftists do not comprehend humor, satire or jokes.

Which is ironic when you consider what a joke Sally Kohn is.

This tweet has now become my favorite Sally Kohn Boner – or Sally Kohner if you will – of all time.

It even surpasses this one:

Don’t bother trying to explain to Sally that this “Fascism Club” was what we on Planet Earth call a “joke.”

It isn’t just that she’s humorless. Sally is incapable of comprehending the concept of humor at all.

The other day, I mentioned in jest that I stood ready to enlist in the Howdy Doody Circus Army.

If poor Sally read that, she probably would have believed that I actually enlisted in an army run by the Howdy Doody Circus.

Because Sally doesn’t have the mental capacity to recognize “jest.”

Now, to be fair. She’s not alone. Many humorless Leftists – desperate to grasp at anything to discredit the Trump Administration – latched onto this high school yearbook joke of Neil Gorsuch as if it was his own version of “Mein Kampf.”

Including my favorite witless foil Debra Messing:

Yes, that’s right!

Sweet merciful Zeus, Debra. It was a yearbook joke, you dumb dink!

But Debra and Sally both believe that this yearbook joke is some kind of smoking gun that should derail Gorsuch’s SCOTUS nomination.

Only if it’s this kind of smoking gun:

As “ninek” – one of my commenters – pointed out the other day, “never interrupt your adversary while he is making a mistake.”

In their single-minded determination to attack Donald Trump, these idiots on the Left just can’t stop beclowning themselves.

But that shouldn’t be a surprise.

If you lack a sense of humor, oftentimes, you end up becoming the butt of the joke.

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One thought on “Sally Kohn is literally the stupidest person on the planet

  • February 4, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    Keep it up leftist loons! I’ll be laughing for the next eight years.

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