Saying the quiet part out loud is the new rule

Saying the quiet part out loud is the new rule

For decades, the Democrat Party’s rule of politics has been, “Never say the quiet part out loud.”

A good example of this is abortion.  What they said out loud was “Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.”  But they never believed that.  It wasn’t their goal in the least.  What they really wanted — the quiet part — was “Abortion on demand with no restrictions.”  But they never said the quiet part out loud.

Likewise on guns.  Democrats for years argued that they didn’t want to ban private gun ownership.  “Nobody is going to take away your guns.  That’s just kooky talk and the people who say that’s what we want are lying to you. We just want common sense reforms.”

But what they really want – the quiet part – is “Hell, yes we’re going to take your guns!”

But they never said the quiet part out loud.

Problem is, the new crop of Democrat activists don’t follow the “never say the quiet part out loud” rule.

Now, they proudly and loudly say the things the Democrat Party wanted hidden.

And all the traditional Democrats in Congress and in the media are having a heck of a time putting a lid on it.

But you can’t un-ring that bell.  Sorry guys.

The latest example of saying the quiet part out loud is this moronic “Defund the Police” movement we’re seeing now.

The radicals who now pretty much control the Democrat Party aren’t shy about openly calling for the dismantling of police departments.  And over the last several days they have repeatedly advocated for abolishing law enforcement.

The Minneapolis city council has already decided to get rid of the Minneapolis Police Department. And their feckless mayor pretending he doesn’t support that isn’t stopping them.

Naturally, with saying the quiet part out loud, these calls to dismantle and abolish the police has been met with horror and disgust.  Then again, most of what the Democrats actually want to do to us is met with horror and disgust.  That’s exactly why they never say the quiet part out loud.

And since Americans are reacting with revulsion at the idea of getting rid of police departments, the Democrats and their media handmaids are desperately trying to shove that genie back into the bottle.

Um, honey. If you’re redirecting funds away from the police that is, by definition “defunding the police.” Your context does nothing to change this. And if they’re “not always calling for dismantling departments,” then some of them are. But nice attempt at spin, Yamiche.

Actually “interpretation” is the misleading part. The activists are the ones being direct.

Understand, all of these guys who are trying to “explain” and claim “nuance” know exactly what “Defund the Police” means.  They know exactly what these radicals want.

The problem isn’t that it is “misleading” or needs “context.”  The problem is the new crop of Democrat activists are not living by the rule to not say the quiet part out loud.

So the Democrats, who for years have mastered the art of keeping their true objectives hidden, now have to try and finesse the situation in order to undo the damage saying the quiet part out loud has done.

What Minneapolis just did was not a “nuanced” approach that could be “misleading without interpretation.”

They are out and out ending the Minneapolis Police Department and “creating a new transformative model for cultivating safety in Minneapolis.”

Now, they have no idea what this new “transformative model for cultivating safety” will be.  But no matter.  The goal is to rid the city of law enforcement.

They are saying the quiet part out loud, much to the Democrat Party’s chagrin.

The new Democrat activists, unmoored from history and self-alienated from the American people, are not savvy enough to realize that the majority of their agenda is repugnant to us. So they blunder ahead, damn the consequences. And for the establishment Democrats and their media handmaids, this is causing all kinds of problems.

If only these new guys would follow the rule and not say the quiet part out loud. But they can’t.

Like this utter fool:

It would be one thing if the loudest voices were just powerless dummies like David Hogg.  But this movement to “Defund the Police” is endorsed by sitting members of Congress – the same sitting members who never tire of saying the quiet part out loud: Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And right now, those members of “The Squad” are the tail wagging the House Democrats.  They run the show, not Nancy Pelosi.  And while Nancy Pelosi has enough sense not to say the quiet part out loud, she is the one who gave these radicals an outsized platform in Congress.

I think Cernovich is exactly right.  The Democrats and the media cannot afford to give a platform to the people who fail to follow the “never say the quiet part out loud” rule.  So instead, they’re going to lie, obfuscate and prattle on about “nuance” and “context.”

But as I said, you can’t un-ring this bell.

And this bell is going to be all the more difficult to un-ring because these new big-mouth radicals are not only saying the quiet part out loud, they’re openly acknowledging why Pelosi-style Democrats don’t want them to.

Ouch!  Nothing like letting the cat out of the bag.

AOC is actually making my point here.  The Democrats have kept their true agenda hidden because they knew their true agenda would be met with majority resistance among voters. Where she’s wrong is her claim that it is only “affluent, white suburban ‘swing’ voters” who object to the insanity of dismantling police departments. The majority of Americans regardless of income or political leaning hate this idea of defunding the police. It isn’t “affluent” white suburban voters.

What AOC is doing here is acknowledging that turning voters off is a price she is willing to pay to be able to openly admit their true objectives. And that has never been the rule among the Democrat Party.

Sorry, Nancy.  This is your party now.  The veil has been lifted by your own side. And we know what you guy really want to do to us.

And from now until November we’re going to hang this around your neck like a Kente cloth.

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7 thoughts on “Saying the quiet part out loud is the new rule

  • June 9, 2020 at 2:54 pm

    I love it when Democrats eat their own.

  • June 9, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    Are we going to be a Nation ruled by maniacs? When will normal people start punching back? We need the land-based equivalent of the Cajun Navy to show up and do right. This crap is not spontaneous. This is part of a bigger operation financed and organized by pure international evil and using really dumb young Americans as useful idiots. We have plenty of brainwashed cowards – will some MEN please show up?
    Remember the words of Burke and Patton:
    All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
    All right now, by God, that’s enough!

  • June 9, 2020 at 5:17 pm

    As long as the Minneapolis City Council is eliminating the police department, they should put on the agenda to eliminate the Mayor’s office and ultimately the City Council. You don’t need bodies making new laws and executing those laws if no one is going to be enforcing those laws.

    Enforcement will be up to those strong enough to rule the jungle, and when those ruling the jungle have amassed enough strength, they’ll make their own laws.

    It’s also going to be fun to see the rich suburbs walling themselves off and hiring private security (but walls are EVIL!) as the only way to protect themselves since they won’t have the white privilege of calling the police.

    • June 9, 2020 at 11:10 pm

      racer…I guess that’s ok if their plan is to never leave their compound. that is until their “security” is faced with 300 protesters (some of them armed) coming to pay visit. do they think “security” is going to stick around for that?

  • June 9, 2020 at 7:02 pm

    It will never happen. The morons are just virtue-preening – their specialty.
    Despite every indication to the contrary, we are NOT living in a gigantic lunatic asylum. It’s just that we are being exposed to Leftists way too much and that makes the feeling of being in a lunatic asylum unavoidable. This may go on for a while longer – the freaks think they have a “real winner” this time and are loath to let go. I hope the Trump Re-Election Campaign is remembering all the help they are receiving from these morons. I’m sure a thank-you note will be sent to each “organization”.
    Have these mental-defectives never heard of the description ‘Useful Idiots’?

  • June 9, 2020 at 9:20 pm

    Folks. when the super volcano in Yellowstone erupts and it will the insanity will stop and the elite will, if still living will beg for protection from desperate people. Good luck with that dimwit elitists.
    I know this has nothing to do with this article, it’s just a thought.

  • June 10, 2020 at 12:28 pm

    From a recent piece I’m working on:

    The Hatred of America – We’re Leftists – it’s what we do

    Ask people what they think of Germany and Japan. Would their responses be focused intently on what those two countries did 75-80 years ago? World War II was beyond comprehension in its depraved, savage cruelty. The Germans and the Japanese were monsters. Truly monsters. And they enjoyed popular support among a large portion of their citizens. America led the crushing defeat of those vile creatures and literally saved millions of innocent lives. Do Leftists feel any pride and gratitude for the huge sacrifices of American lives and treasure to defeat murdering savages? Probably not, as that would involve having good thoughts about America.

    Do Leftists heap scorn on Germany and Japan today? Nope. They love their German cars and their sushi. By 1965, a mere 20 years after WE ended the global slaughter, it was all “Hey, forgive and forget – time to turn the page.”

    And yet Leftists focus with laser-intensity on the history of slavery in the United States. A history that goes back to a time when slavery in the world was common. And yet, for Leftists, slavery in the United States can Never be forgotten or forgiven. Even though a bloody Civil War marked the absolute end of slavery in America over a hundred and fifty years ago, racial problems persisted because of Southern Democrat politicians. There was a Democrat member of Congress until 2010 who had actually been a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd (D). Check it out.

    Let’s be honest. Slavery, as bad as it was, compared to the Second World War? A war that was started by Germany and Japan and left scores of millions of dead bodies in the wake. Will Leftists replace their ignorance and hatred with perspective and proportion? Highly unlikely. Hatred is a very strong emotion and they would be lost without it. And if they gave up their ignorance they would be thrown out of the Leftist echo-chamber. Where would they go?

    So, America did something 200 years ago that was common practice at the time, and it is morally doomed for eternity. The Germans and the Japanese did things 75 years ago that were grotesquely evil and…. what? Hey, mistakes were made, time to move on.

    I find this inexplicable. We forgive the vile atrocities of others committed 75 years ago but cannot forgive our own Country for a far lesser ‘crime’ committed 200 years ago. We need to bring in a psychiatrist to explain it to us.

    And now, how can one explain the vile hatred directed at our President, second-guessing his every move, while virtually ignoring the commie Chinese responsible for this virus disaster. Does that make any sense. Are the Leftist media really that possessed by hatred and evil insanity? Yes, they are.

    Leftist Governors of some States are reacting as expected. They are exacerbating a bad situation solely to hurt President Trump’s chance of re-election. Their decision was a bad one and is backfiring. Normal people are very angry. Leftists do not understand normal people since they are excluded from their echo-chamber.

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