The science is settled: Harvey and Irma prove Hurricanes are real

The other day, I learned that the American city rated the safest from natural disasters — like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and wildfires — is my city: Syracuse, NY.

Of course, they forgot that we’ve been suffering through Hurricane Stephanie for seven years.

But she isn’t so much a natural disaster as she is a political one.

Yet despite the fact that I live in the city least likely to suffer a hurricane, I still know that hurricanes exist.

Hell, I think most of us do.

Okay, expect for maybe Maxine Waters. I don’t think there’s anything Maxine is really aware of.

After Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast, amateur climate scientists were telling us – and loudly – that Harvey proves that Man-made Climate Change is real.

I don’t know how they can be so certain.

As far as I can noodle out, hurricanes like Harvey and Irma only seem to prove that hurricanes are real.

And hey. We already knew that (except for maybe Maxine Waters).

Just because we give them human names doesn’t mean that hurricanes are caused by humans.

That’s something anyone over the age of six could figure out on his own.

If you recall, after going a decade without a significant hurricane, these Climate Change cultists told us the lack of hurricanes prove that Man-made Climate Change is real.

Whereas I look at that long spell without hurricanes as proof that weather is unpredictable.

And hey. I live in Central New York – the region with the most unpredictable weather ever. I got that memo when I was a wee lass.

These Climate Change Cultists are starting to sound like primitives living on a tropical island who routinely sacrifice a virgin to placate the gods of the sea.

They simultaneously believe that man is nothing but a parasite on this earth who is so all-powerful he can cause, halt or alter hurricanes.

In the Twenty-first Century – in an industrialized, advance culture like our own – there are people who think if we do the tribal dance of increased taxation and reusable grocery bags we will calm the wrathful oceans.


And they actually consider themselves “progressives.”

How hilarious is that?

It’s impossible to get through to them using logic or reason because for them, Man-Made Climate Change is not a scientific study. Instead it is a cult.

Do you really think that you can reason with someone like the actress Jennifer Lawrence who – on television no less – claimed that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are “mother nature’s wrath?”

These so-called “progressives” don’t care that they sound like primitives who worship the elements.

And they don’t see it as in any way backward or unevolved.

Normals like you and I see hurricanes like Harvey and Irma and we think, “Jeeze hurricane season is awful this year.”

But Primitives like the Climate Change Cultists see it as the anger of the vengeful weather gods.

You know, in much the same way a small child thinks rain is God crying.

It’s hurricane season.

That’s the time of the year when weather systems are most likely to create hurricanes.

Weather changes.

The climate changes.

And it’s been that way since long before man discovered fire.

I’ll leave you with this excellent Bill Whittle Firewall from a few months back.


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