You are the scum beneath my feet


So it turns out the queen of “inspirational ballads” is really nothing more than vile and despicable scum.

Last night when Rand Paul stood up against a spending bill that is sure to grow the size of government, the wretched hag Bette Midler had this to say.

It never ceases to amaze me just how lacking in self-awareness these Leftist scum really are.

Bette wants us to believe that she’s “standing up to Hate.”

But the truth is, Bette graciously welcomed hate into her home and showed it all manner of courtesy and accommodation.

Bette Midler has such a cozy relationship with Hate, I’m surprised there aren’t pictures on Page Six of a topless Bette canoodling with Hate on a yacht in the Caribbean.

Sorry Bette. You’re not fooling anybody.

You are so fueled by your own hatred, you couldn’t possibly stand for anything good.

Rand Paul last night stood for something.

And like every other hateful Leftist, your response is to wish violence on him.

The truth is, Bette. You stand for nothing.

We, on the other hand, stand for Freedom, equal justice under the law, and Individual Liberty.

And America is the wind beneath my wings.

While you, Bette, are nothing but the scum beneath my feet.

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One thought on “You are the scum beneath my feet

  • February 9, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    Violence, and calls for violence have been the hallmark of progressives worldwide for a century. I wish she were either new or unique. Alas’ she is OLD news. Progressive violence has been tolerated in America for 70 years to long . My personal opinion, not universal! But I did not want to be a Lemming 60 years ago; still do not!

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