Senate Democrats side with Illegals again

Today, in an effort to let the American people know they favor illegals over citizens, Senate Democrats blocked the Stop Sanctuary Cities Act from advancing.

Rather than support an effort to curtail Federal funding to cities that refuse to enforce the law, Senate Democrats decided to demagogue and throw around racist slurs.

Who’s surprised?

Said Harry Reid of this bill, “This vile legislation might as well be called ‘The Donald Trump Act.’ Like the disgusting and outrageous language championed by Donald Trump, this legislation paints all immigrants as ‘criminals and rapists.'”

Actually, Harry. Illegals are criminals. That’s what the word “illegal” means. They are in this country ILLEGALLY. They broke the law. That makes them criminals.

So, in case you are wondering, the Senate Democrats believe that expecting cities to follow the law is something only Donald Trump wants.

You see? This is precisely why Donald Trump is so roundly popular among ordinary American citizens and why Democrats are so deeply despised.

Trump has the audacity to focus on citizens first. The nerve of him!

The Democrat Party is dying. Its only hope for survival is to flood this country with poor, illiterate foreigners who will happily vote for bigger and bigger government. The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass to survive.

In the Age of Obama, Democrats have abandoned working class Democrat voters in favor of illegals. They’ve abandoned blacks in favor of illegals. They don’t care that violent criminal illegals are roaming the streets. In fact, Democrats believe criminal illegals walking free is an acceptable loss if it means ignoring our immigration laws and creating a permanent voting underclass.

The Democrat Party has abandoned the American people.


Is it any wonder that so many voters from across the political spectrum have been energized by Trump?

Harry Reid can mock Donald Trump. Go ahead. If the past few months have shown anything, it’s that those attacks do nothing to erode his support.

Illegal immigration is the single most important issue facing this nation. It has a direct effect on our economy, the jobs market, income and wages, criminal justice and security, national security and terrorism. There is precious little that is not adversely effected by this flood of illegals pouring into our country.

If anything, Donald Trump has been unafraid to shine a bright Klieg light on this problem.

The Democrats may think demonizing Trump and demagoguery will work in their favor.

But the truth is, it will only alienate the American people even more than the Democrats already have.

Hat tip Fox News.

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One thought on “Senate Democrats side with Illegals again

  • October 20, 2015 at 5:55 pm

    If you are a lowly county clerk and you choose not to follow federal law, you go to jail, and liberals cheer.
    If you are a city and choose not to follow federal law, you don’t go to jail, but liberals cheer anyway.

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