Seth Rich and the Enslaved Press’ Standard Operating Procedure

seth rich

Ironic how every time the murder of Seth Rich makes the news, at the exact same time, the Enslaved Press launches a monumental smear against Donald Trump.

Well, I should say it’s ironic if you aren’t me.

In fact, the last time I wrote about Seth Rich was in August of last year in a column titled Pillow-Biters on Parade.

[If you click the link, you may recognize an image that I created for that post. That’s because some little fart-knocker cropped it tightly to remove my website and passed it off as his own all over Twitter and Facebook. Totally not relevant to this post, but I hate when people do that.]

In that column, I pointed out how the Enslaved Press was howling that Donald Trump was encouraging Second Amendment people to assassinate Hillary Clinton.

He wasn’t.

But that was a huge, HUGE story in the Enslaved Press.

Meanwhile, at the very same time, the news broke that Julian Assange had basically claimed Seth Rich was his source for the DNC emails.

But the Enslaved Press was so busy clutching their pearls over Trump’s supposed incitement of “Second Amendment people” to assassinate Hillary, nobody bothered to report on it.

I wrote:

Once you understand how the Enslaved Press Pillow-Biting-Sausage is made, you will never fall for their bullshit ever again.
Some of you get it already.
But here’s the nub of it.
The role of the Enslaved Press is not to report the news. Instead, their role is to provide cover-fire — a smokescreen under which Hillary Clinton’s many scandals and problems can conveniently be shielded.
Whenever the Enslaved Press begins clutching their pearls and biting their pillows, always ask yourself one question.
What’s been going on in the news that would be really damaging to Hillary Clinton?
The louder the howls of their deflection tactic, the more explosive the story they’re hiding.

Read the whole post HERE for all the examples I provide.

Well, that Standard Operating Procedure is evident again.

And, ironically enough, it was deployed once again when the murder of Seth Rich is in the news.

The Washington Post breathlessly reported that Donald Trump “leaked” “highly classified” intelligence to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador at last week’s meeting.

Within hours, the story crashed and burned.

Now, here’s the odd part.

Around the same time the Post released this story, Fox5 in DC reported that a former DC detective has been hired by Seth Rich’s family to investigate his death.

And what he has found so far is explosive: Proof that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks before his death.

I’m not yet convinced that this story is true. But it is just breaking and more information may well come out.

That may make me sound skeptical. But mostly that’s because I am hard-wired to doubt the news media.

But it is interesting to me how every time a story harmful to Hillary Clinton — or the Democrats in general — hits the airwaves, some other news outlet is breathlessly hyperventilating about Trump.

And perhaps it is because I am skeptical of news media that it makes me wonder.

This story on Seth Rich is newsworthy and deserves some investigation by people who claim to be journalists.

Fox News reported on the story this morning:

But here is the front page of CNN’s website this morning.

Lookie there. It’s loaded with stories related to the Washington Post’s unsubstantiated claim that Trump “leaked” very classified intel to Russia.

But do you see any mention of Seth Rich?

Just to make sure I didn’t miss it, I ran a search on “Seth Rich” at CNN’s website and this is what turned up:

Yup. One story from July 2016 that initially reported his murder.

That’s it. CNN reported on Seth Rich once.

If what this former detective claims is true, there is an actual cover-up happening over the murder of Seth Rich.

Yet CNN can’t be bothered.

CNN is blanketing their website with stories related to the WaPo’s inflammatory and highly suspect report about President Trump. So it certainly isn’t because the Seth Rich story is not concrete enough for them.


It’s standard operating procedure for the Enslaved Press.

Deflect from anything harmful to Hillary and the Democrats while screaming from the rooftops over unsubstantiated claims about Donald Trump.

They have an agenda.

But you all know that.

CNN, the Washington Post – all of them – abandoned journalism a long time ago.

They are nothing more than a volunteer Public Relations firm for the Democrat Party.

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One thought on “Seth Rich and the Enslaved Press’ Standard Operating Procedure

  • May 16, 2017 at 11:43 am

    Dianny, I have to respectfully disagree with you on one point.

    We are not challenged by an “Enslaved Press”. We are, in fact, dealing with the true enemy of America a.k.a. the Press. The press has been at war with American values since Watergate; most likely from before that. Our values and beliefs are being picked apart by the liberal/socialist media constantly from the mid sixties.

    The press changed when the draft dodging liberals all used their college deferments to avoid the VietNam war and once they graduated with their relatively useless B.A degrees they needed a job and what better place to work than a place that spins words for a living. Once ensconced in the media the push towards the socialist left began in earnest.

    The media gradually took over the narrative of the Democratic party and once they did they ‘in defacto’ control the party. They can destroy Democrats as well as Republicans at will. The Democrats were usurped as far as the power and policy agenda of the left. Now the media calls the shots and the Democratic politicians do as their media masters bid.

    The Republicans and especially the ‘establishment republicans’ are trying to pretend that this has not happened and that they can trust the media to report honestly regarding their party agenda. Woefully they are wrong and the media can force sea changes in the Republican party at will.

    Every time you see a full blown flip flop from the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham you see the pressure of the media at work. The flip floppers live and die based on their favor-ability in the press reports as none want to ‘appear’ as being ‘anti’ anything that the press does not like. Thus, they bend and sway to the reporting by the media always seeking to come out on ‘their good side’. To not do so for people in the Republican party who are so media sensitive is certain political death as the media knows they ‘own’ these elected officials.

    If you take the time to consider how the press has behaved since the mid 70’s you can see they took over the agenda of the Democratic party and at this point are their true puppet masters. This is who our true opponent is. The media is the force trying to destroy our nation and ultimately merge our collective asses into the world ‘government’ agenda. You have to give a hat tip to George Soros as he figured this out many many years ago.

    Liberals and true believing socialists never change their stripes. If anything, they move further to the left as they get older.

    There is a reason that there are practically no conservative news outlets in the traditional media (why Fox News is changing too) and that there are hardly any actual conservative reporters who get any real air time or print space these days. The socialist media knows at this point it is foolish for them to even try to portray themselves as being fair and unbiased as a result they do not even have to try to pretend that they are ‘unbiased’. That ship sailed 40 some years ago and now that their hold over the Democratic party is complete, the media fears no reprisals from government in any way.

    Once we accept that we are fighting against the press itself we can recognize how difficult the battle will be and that we need to use our energies wisely if we are to fight back and have any hope of regaining even a shred of influence as conservatives.

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