You know the thing that really frosts me about the Clintons? They’re shameless.

We all know how the Clinton Foundation looted Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. They took in millions upon millions of dollars ostensibly to rebuild the island.

But the only people who benefited from all that cash was the Foundation itself and its wealthy corporate donors.

Oh. And Hillary’s brother Fredo

Wait. That’s not right. His name is Tony. Tony, not Fredo. Silly me.

Here we are six years later, and Bill Clinton is once again shilling for money ostensibly to help with the hurricane relief efforts in Haiti.

Show of hands. Who’s buying that?

Honestly, this guy is shameless.

But exploiting people is what the Clintons do.

Heaven forbid they earn their money the old fashioned way.

And, really, why should they?

When you get get far wealthier through graft and favors, why expend the effort to put in an honest day’s work?

Like phony contractors who descend on Florida communities to fleece devastated homeowners of their hard-earned money, the Clintons treat natural disasters as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Are you surprised that Bill would attempt to raise money off of a hurricane’s destruction?

I’m not.

Look, Team Hillary was going to run campaign ads on the Weather Channel like shitty little opportunists, so why wouldn’t Bill capitalize on the destruction in Haiti?

It’s what the Clintons do.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are parasites and opportunists.

Everything that happens in the world is run through the Clinton’s “How can we make a buck off of this” filter.

These people are disgusting.

Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we learned that the minute Bill heard that Matthew slammed into Haiti, he opened the champagne and called his favorite hooker to celebrate.


Exploiting people for personal gain is Standard Operating Procedure for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

They really are shameless.

Trust me. If Hillary becomes President, this kind of shameless exploitation isn’t going to stop.

Hat tip Breitbart

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