Sharia Law in the Church of Leftism

Three years ago after the Draw Muhammad contest in Garland, Texas, I posted the winning image to the Patriot Retort Facebook page. And there it sat for three years.

Then three week ago, some Muslim found it and I was flooded with comments and messages calling for my death. I was told I deserved beheading for blasphemy. I violated Sharia law and should surely be put to death. I was a dog, a pig and I deserved to die. All because I posted the winning drawing by Bosch Fawstin.

Well, it turns out abortion advocates share a lot of qualities with radical Islamists.

The other day, writer DC McAllister tweeted this:

The fact is, this isn’t a new idea.

For years Rush Limbaugh has said that abortion is a sacrament of the religion of Liberalism.

Hell, they even have their own religious order.

Abortion Advocates Sharia Law

For the adherents of Liberalism, Christians are a direct threat and therefore must be silenced, financially ruined and driven from the public square.

And if you have the temerity to question the Left’s sacraments, violence against you is “justified” in their eyes – as McAllister quickly found out firsthand.

After she posted that tweet, abortion advocates threatened to rape and kill her — which is especially awful considering that McAllister is a rape survivor.

But criticizing abortion is tantamount to blasphemy to these people.

In fact, you could reasonably say that the Church of Leftism has its own form of Sharia Law.

And just like the Sharia Law of Islam, blaspheming against abortion will result in calls for your death.

You’d think these idiots would realize that reacting to a tweet about abortion with threats of rape and murder would only be considered standard operating procedure if you possess near-religious fervor for the brutal practice.

Which, apparently, they do.

In other words, they pretty much proved McAllister’s point.

But as a result of these credible threats, McAllister chose to leave social media at the urging of her family.

That tweet really gets me.

McAllister’s “extremism?” You stupid bint. People are threatening to rape and murder her. Do you not see how THAT is extremism?

But of course not.

Leftism is a religion. Abortion is its holy sacrament.

So any criticism is viewed as blasphemy.

And blasphemy — like in Sharia Law — absolutely justifies violence in their eyes.

For the Left violence is always acceptable.

And despite their fearmongering over so-called “rightwing” violence, it is always the Left that not only commits it, but justifies it.

And while the news media continuously clutches its pearls and frets over so-called “rightwing” violence that never seems to materialize, they say nothing about the violence committed by the Left.

Or worse, they twist themselves into knots defending it.

Right Chris Cuomo?

Is it any wonder jihadist Linda Sarsour is the darling of the modern-day Left? They have found common cause, have they not?

Both wish to impose their ideology on the rest of us. And should we refuse to obey, they will not hesitate to resort to threats and violence.

All the while accusing us of being the extremists.

It would be laughable if these people weren’t so deeply dangerous.

Hat tip PJ Media.

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3 thoughts on “Sharia Law in the Church of Leftism

  • September 12, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    There is absolutely no logic to the left’s agenda. Taking children from their mothers at the border is horrible, but killing their own babies somehow okay. The hypocrisy is simply amazing and no one is fooled, except those with left leaning brains.

  • September 12, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    Now I understand why there is no great out cry from these radical leftist women over Sharia Law and forcing woman to be subjugated to men in Islamic countries and even here, it is because of their religion.

  • September 13, 2018 at 12:18 am

    Bravo Dianny!

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