Sharyl Attkisson makes the case

Sharyl Attkisson

If anybody knows how the Obama Administration spied on political opponents, it’s Sharyl Attkisson.

The former CBS News investigative reporter and current host of “Full Measure” found herself on the receiving end of Obama’s wrath.

Not surprising when you consider that she was the only investigative journalist actually looking into not only the Benghazi scandal, but Fast & Furious and the IRS targeting of conservatives.

Fox & Friends had Attkisson on yesterday to talk about Trump’s claims that Obama was spying on him and his team.

”And here’s a really strange, weird thing that a source firsthand has told me. Presidents can issue directives that make legal, or allow people to do things that are otherwise illegal – almost anything. And that means … and we would never know about it because the directive, I’m told, comes with a cover story, indemnity for those involved, and the permission for them to lie about it if they’re ever caught.”

Yeah. I’m right there with ya.

Sure, Attkisson points out that she can’t say definitively that this is what happened to Trump – only that it possibly happened.

But it is a particularly stunning revelation nonetheless.

And this kind of power in the hands of a man like Barack Obama, in my opinion, almost guarantees that it would be abused.

After all, Barack Obama has a penchant for destroying those who oppose him.

Just ask his 2004 US Senate rival Jack Ryan.

Or ask any Tea Party group swept up in the IRS targeting scandal.

Hell, just ask Sharyl Attkisson.

Sure, the Senate and House Intelligence Committees are saying there is no evidence that Obama was spying on Mr. Trump.

But since Obama had the power to do this illegally, then bury the evidence, is that really a surprise?

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