She’s stuck with that basket


According to the Hill, a lot of Democrats sure as hell wish Hillary’s vicious “basket of deplorables” remark would simply die a quiet death.

Because Hillary refused to outright apologize for lumping half of Trump supporters into her basket of deplorables, these Democrats fear this will remain an issue all the way to November.

Problem is, Hillary is stuck with it.

By her own design.

Sure, fellow Democrats may want Hillary to go positive. One pollster the Hill interviewed said Hillary needs to do something to improve her own abysmal approval ratings.

What these guys fail to comprehend is Hillary Clinton can’t let go of it. She’s stuck with that basket until November 8.

Hillary Clinton has no affirmative message to offer.

And when a Democrat has nothing positive to offer and is so desperate to win, he or she will always start shrieking “racist.”

It’s just a fact of life.

Hillary has run her entire campaign knowing her success depended on winning the same voting blocs Obama carried in 2008 and 2012.

Here’s the problem. She isn’t succeeding.

According to one poll released last week, only 73.2% of those blacks surveyed said they would vote for Hillary Clinton.

Now, on its face, that number seems substantial. But when you consider Obama won about 93% of the black vote in 2012 and 95% in 2008, 73.2% looks a tad pathetic.

Hell, even John Kerry won 88% of the black vote in 2004.

Hillary’s 73.2% is ten points lower than what her husband won in 1992.

In fact, 73.2% gives Hillary the lowest support among black voters of any Democrat candidate since 1960.

If Donald Trump peels away enough support among blacks, Hillary is screwed.

And I think he just may be able to do it.

That same poll showed Trump with 19.1% support among black voters.

That seems small, I know, until you compare that to the total percentage of the black vote McCain received in 2008 (4%) and Romney received in 2012 (6%).

Something tells me that Trump’s appeal to black voters is having far more of an impact than either the Enslaved Press or the Clinton campaign want to admit.

Hillary’s only defense against hemorrhaging support among blacks is to play the race card.

So as much as Democrats may want her to let it go, Hillary isn’t going to drop that “basket of deplorables” any time soon.

As far as Team Clinton is concerned, her only hope for victory lies in slandering Donald Trump and his supporters as racists.

Is it a dumb idea?

Well, of course it is!

No presidential candidate with the sense God gave a goat would campaign by attacking and vilifying any group of voters – let alone tens of millions of them.

But Hillary is desperate.

Her “inevitability” is looking less and less inevitable with each passing day.

You have to keep in mind Hillary believed the White House was hers for the taking.

Not only was she not supposed to have to work for it, she wasn’t supposed to struggle to maintain her lead in the polls.

Things aren’t going the way she expected.

And when Hillary doesn’t get her way, she gets a wee bit angry.

If even half the stories about Hillary’s volatile temper and explosive tantrums are true, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that when her vainglorious ambition slams into an immovable object like Donald Trump, she’s going to lash out in ugly, hateful ways.

Even if that means attacking the tens of millions of Americans who support Donald Trump.

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