Shifty Schiff clings to power

Shifty Schiff clings to power

Uh-oh!  What’s our delusional hero to do?!

This morning, every Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee signed on to a letter demanding Shifty Schiff resign as chair.

As you can imagine, Schifty Schiff took that swimmingly!

Oh, go shit in the ocean, Ferret Face.

The Mueller probe – the very probe you furiously defended and held up for two years – found no evidence that anyone within the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

Yet there you are clinging to the RussiaGate narrative as if Mueller’s report never happened.

Give it up, you conspiracy-peddling crank.

Naturally, the Democrats are circling the wagons to protect their tinfoil hat-wearing comrade.

Stuttering, bumbling Nancy Pelosi vouched for Schiff’s patriotism, competence and professionalism.

And if anybody knows patriotism, competence and professionalism, it’s Nancy Pelosi.

Yes, because if somebody illegally leaks classified information from closed hearings, the first phrase that springs to my mind is “patriotic, competent professional.”

Amen, Mr. President.

Remember the ethics investigation Devin Nunes was put through in 2017?  Of course you do.  In fact, when Nunes got hit with this bogus ethics complaint, it was Shifty Schiff himself who demanded that Nunes permanently step down as Chair.

Instead, Nunes agreed to voluntarily step aside for the duration of the ethics probe and returned when no violations were found.

A month ago, Julie Kelly asked “Where is the House Ethics Probe into Adam Schiff?

She did a thorough job laying out, to quote Jefferson, the “long train of abuses” perpetrated by Shifty Schiff. If you haven’t read her column yet, click the link and read every last word.

If any member of Congress deserves an ethics probe it’s that bug-eyed crank from California.

After the crap he’s pulled over the last two years, the fact that lying, leaking Shifty Schiff isn’t getting the same kind of rectal exam Nunes suffered is reprehensible.

And the fact that the Democrats are acting all offended that the Republican committee members are demanding that he step down when Schiff demanded the same thing of Nunes tells you all you need to know.

Personally, I hope the Republicans keep the pressure on.

Because even after Mueller concluded that there was zero collusion, both Shifty Schiff and that ludicrous clown Eric Swalwell continue to peddle in lies, slander and smears.

There’s not one thing Adam Schiff has pulled over the last two years that could be called “patriotic, professional or competent.”

And it’s high time this sleazy little worm got the boot.

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