Short-Sighted Democrats: Be careful what you wish for


Four years ago, I wrote a column titled “Liberalism and the Long Con” (which is now in my first collection of columns, RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama).

That was then.

This is now.

Democrats have been thrown so far off their axis thanks to Donald Trump, they’re no longer playing the long con.

Instead, they’ve become woefully short-sighted.

Hell, they can’t even figure out if they want James Comey to stay or to go.

So short-sighted, in fact, that they can’t even decide what their position is on the same day.

And now these mildly confused, schizophrenic Liberals are demanding a Special Prosecutor to investigate the so-called “Russia Conspiracy.”

Boy, talk about not thinking ahead.

When an alcoholic stops drinking, one of the first things they tell you is, “Think the drink through.”

First you take a drink, then what?

You take another. Then another. And then you lose your job, your family. Or worse, you get behind the wheel and kill someone.

In the end, the pleasure of that short-sighted urge for a drink doesn’t look so appealing when you think the drink through.

Democrats are like alcoholics. They are incapable of thinking things through.

And in their short-sighted quest to breathe life into this rotting corpse of a Russia scandal, they are opening themselves up to some unintended consequences.

As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Their single-minded quest to “take down the Trump presidency” has left the Democrats without the ability to think things through.

And they are not thinking through this demand for a Special Prosecutor.

Something tells me, it’s going to bite them on the ass.

A Special Prosecutor answers to nobody. And he can take an investigation in any direction he pleases.

Lest we forget, the Democrat nominee has a sketchy past when it comes to Russia. But not just her. Hillary’s own campaign chairman John Podesta does as well.

And it isn’t just this supposed Russia Conspiracy that could be investigated, is it?

The illegal leaks and politically-motivated unmasking of not only Trump’s transition team but people in Congress would be fair game as well.

And because the Special Prosecutor answers to no one, no one can stop him from going there.

If the Democrats get their wish and Attorney General Sessions appoints a Special Prosecutor, I guarantee you it will backfire on them.

The Obama Administration and the Clinton operation have far more to lose than Donald Trump does. Because they have far more that they’re hiding.

No stone will be left unturned. And that includes all the nefarious crap Hillary and Obama hoped would remain hidden.

If these Trump Derangement Democrats weren’t so short-sighted, they would know that.

So here’s my prediction.

If Sessions appoints a Special Prosecutor, six months or a year from now, Democrats will be howling about all the taxpayer money being wasted on his investigation. And the closer this Special Prosecutor gets to uncovering all the corruption within the Democrat Party, the louder they will howl.

It won’t matter that they brought it on themselves. And they won’t for a second care that they were the very people demanding this independent investigation.

Their allies in the Enslaved Press will start vilifying whomever that Special Prosecutor is.

And there will be calls to end the investigation by all the Senate Democrats who today are demanding it. Chief among them: Chuck Schumer.

I’d say “be careful what you wish for.” But the truth is, the Democrats have become far too short-sighted to notice the landmines awaiting them.

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