The Silicon Empire Strikes Back


Several months ago, Paul Joseph Watson made Leftists apoplectic with rage when he rightly pointed out that Conservatism is the new counterculture.

The Left is losing its monopoly on popular culture.

And they aren’t at all happy about it.

Enter Silicon Valley – the coordinated counter-attack on the new counterculture.

Not long ago, Diamond and Silk learned that their YouTube channel has been almost completely demonetized.

And the reason YouTube gave for this move?

Any videos that are “flagged by users” as being “hate speech or violent extremism” will be “placed in a limited state.” Meaning, they won’t be monetized, they won’t appear as recommended videos, and they won’t be allowed comments, likes or suggestions.

Diamond and Silk are hate speech?

Are you freaking kidding me?

The Left is losing the culture war, so they are using Silicon Valley to effectively silence those with whom they disagree.

Yesterday, I posted about Joy Villa tweeting out my piece about her terrific song “Make America Great Again.”

And I was going to include at the end of the post the official video of the song.

But after searching everywhere on YouTube, I couldn’t find it. Which was odd. I knew it was on YouTube because I watched it myself just a few weeks ago.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I found out why it was nowhere to be found.

And Joy isn’t the only one YouTube is targeting.

Pro-American singer Kaya Jones’ latest video “What the Heart don’t know” is losing views.

In other words, YouTube is artificially jiggering views to make the video look far less popular than it actually is.

Now, why would they need to do that?

Because the Left is losing the culture war.

And this is the only way the Left can win – by cheating.

They can’t win in the arena of ideas.

So they’re simply banning us from the arena entirely.

Makes you wonder about that March 2017 meeting former President Obama had in Silicon Valley, doesn’t it?

His candidate lost the election. So was he meeting with Tech giants to open a second front?

Sure, I know that sounds all kinds of conspiracy.

But it’s hard not to think there’s something to it.

The Left is trying to shut us out from what once was the largest free speech platform in the world.

This is censorship pure and simple.

And while Silicon Valley uses its Leftist monopoly to silence us on the Internet, the violent thugs of Antifa are using threats and violence to silence us in the public square.

But they call us the fascists.

There are more of us than there are of the Left.

And they are doing everything – using every underhanded tactic – to make you believe that this isn’t the case.

But there are more of us.

Forget Washington.

Forget Silicon Valley.

And remember what I’ve said before. We are Freedom’s guardians.

We are the last surprise.

And we won’t be silenced. No matter what underhanded tactics they deploy.

Go ahead and watch Kaya’s beautiful and moving video for “What the Heart Don’t Know” yourself.

You can download “What the Heart Don’t Know” for iTunes HERE.

Or download the MP3 from Amazon HERE.

And get Joy Villa’s “Make America Great Again.

Click HERE to download it from iTunes.

Or click HERE to get the MP3 from Amazon.

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One thought on “The Silicon Empire Strikes Back

  • August 27, 2017 at 11:13 am

    War is peace!
    Freedom is slavery!
    Lies are true!

    Read the book in my ’60 English Lit class. Figured it could never happen to America. 45 years later – Boy was I wrong! It happened 15 years ago. And the Ministry of TRUTH is more powerful now !

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