So fragile she could be made of spun glass

So fragile she could be made of spun glass

There’s something rather ironic about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticizing white people for being fragile. It’s like getting a lecture on obesity from Stacey Abrams. Or Joe Biden criticizing men who can’t keep their hands to themselves around little children.

Then again, Leftists aren’t known for their self-awareness.

The other day, the most fragile gal in the universe, did one of her videos messages to her fans where she smiled like a goober as she mocked white people she claims are offended by the term “white fragility.”

Yeah, okay.  The only irony here is this woman is so fragile that the mildest criticism or smallest perceived slight will send her crying to her Twitter followers and playing the victim. She’s so fragile, she uses her Twitter flying monkeys to go attack whatever meanie is the latest to bruise AOC’s precious little ego.

Personally, I don’t know anyone who gives a crap about the term “white fragility.”  Unlike AOC, I don’t believe words can hurt me.  Then again, unlike AOC I’m not so fragile I could be made of spun glass.

How much of her Twitter feed consists of AOC quivering with indignant rage because someone hurt her feelings?

Last week, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, when discussing the “Defund the Police” movement cited sitting congresswomen who support this insanity saying, “The fact is you have sitting congresswomen wanting to defund the police – notably Rashida Tlaib; notably Biden advisor AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

The only objection I have to that statement is Kayleigh forgot to include Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) who also wishes to abolish the police.

Now, fragile Alexandria didn’t hear McEnany say these words. Instead, she saw a tweet from Politico’s Jake Sherman that didn’t include the entire quote, and naturally, fragile little victim that she is, AOC got so triggered.

Good grief, what a fragile baby.

She reads an out of context quote and suddenly she’s the biggest Victim ever. And that racist Kayleigh had better apologize for AOC getting triggered, not because McEnany said anything incorrect, but because Alexandria is just so fragile.

Fortunately, Kayleigh McEnany isn’t a fragile flower. She didn’t bend and scrape to salve AOC’s bruised ego. Instead, she set her straight.

But let’s all hear Alexandria laugh and joke about how fragile white people are over the term “white fragility.”

Yeah, I don’t think so.

AOC’s entire shtick consists of crying over all the people who are mean to her.

Her ego is so fragile, I could write an entire book titled “AOC Fragility.”

As the old saying goes fragile girls made of spun glass shouldn’t throw stones.  Know what I mean?

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8 thoughts on “So fragile she could be made of spun glass

  • June 15, 2020 at 10:13 am

    Who knew “Biden Advisor” is considered a professional slight


  • June 15, 2020 at 10:46 am

    Wait, What? AOC is holding down JUST two jobs. Slacker!

  • June 15, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    And then there’s Brian Stelter, who volunteered that he retired to bed to have a good cry about the Cootie Virus tragedy….

  • June 15, 2020 at 3:02 pm

    Have you ever met anyone with a hyphenated last name who wasn’t a risible jerk? It’s as silly as a Ph.D wanting to be called “Doctor”! She has a degree in economics from some “university”? Actually surprised she was able to hold a job as bartenderess. As is true with most Leftists she is a perfect blend of Ignorance and Stupidity.

  • June 15, 2020 at 4:56 pm

    “The term ‘white fragility’ can really set a lot of people off… It’s almost ironic.”
    So says the ignorant RACIST bint with half a brain. Stupid twat gives good bartenders a bad name….

  • June 15, 2020 at 7:29 pm


    A new ‘slight. That’s cute.

  • June 15, 2020 at 8:22 pm

    Biden’s ventriloquist dummy has words put in her mouth. Not sure who is the dummy in this story.

  • June 16, 2020 at 12:53 am

    I’d make a metallurgy joke about “irony” but I’ll just let that go and point out that she’s frangible because she’s composed of sintered pot metal.

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