So who’s paying Michael Avenatti?

A few weeks ago, adult film actress Stormy Daniels revealed a little more than she intended.

Which, I’m guessing is common in her line of work.

But this time, it wasn’t the kind of overexposure Stormy is known for.

Instead, it was information that she probably should’ve kept to herself.

You see, Stormy’s not the one footing the bill for her showboat ambulance-chaser attorney Michael Avenatti.

Naturally, some speculated that Avenatti is being funded by the same cabal of billionaire Leftists who are funding pretty much all of the so-called ResistanceLOL.

And I can see why folks would think that.

After all, those same wealthy dirtbags are paying Fusion GPS to continue their attempt to undermine the President.

Then there are those who posit that Michael Avenatti is being paid by the same folks who bankrolled Lisa Bloom to look under every rock for a potential Trump accuser.

And that sounds entirely plausible as well.

But lately, I’ve started to wonder if we’re barking up the wrong tree.

After all, Michael Avenatti is such a trainwreck who can’t stop getting it wrong.

You’d think billionaire Leftists could hire somebody who didn’t trip over his own pud on a daily basis.

Avenatti certainly isn’t making Donald Trump look bad – which would be the objective if the funders were anti-Trump people.

Instead, Avenatti’s making the news media look even more preposterous than they already did.

Take a moment to stop and marvel at the fact that the news media could possibly look even more preposterous.

Honestly, every time I think they can’t get any worse, they prove me wrong.

And turning Michael Avenatti loose on MSNBC and CNN was the stupidest move both networks have pulled in their quest to destroy Trump.

Avenatti isn’t just a clown. He’s a terrifically bad attorney. In fact, he’s Gloria Allred with a penis.

Michael Avenatti

Actually, that’s not fair to Gloria. It’s probably more accurate to say Avenatti makes Gloria Allred look like Clarence Darrow.

So who benefits the most from this buffoon’s ubiquity on cable news?

Well, I’d say Donald J. Trump.

Come on! It’s a perfectly valid theory.

We know how much President Trump likes to jack up these media dinks.

And who has been doing a better job at that than Michael Avenatti?

You don’t think President Trump gets a kick out of watching these morons scramble like hens in a farmyard every time Avenatti tosses them phony “evidence?”

He tells the most outlandish lies and even Jake Tapper is licking his hand like a big, dumb dog.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s approval rating continues to climb.

And the Democrats’ hopes for a Blue Wave are sputtering out like a wet fart.


Because right now Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels haven’t just beclowned the news media, they’ve become the Democrat Party platform.

And as the media scrambles to keep the Stormy story alive – even to the point where they report Avenatti’s incompetent lies — President Trump just keeps racking up wins.

Sure, it’s just a theory.

But, you gotta admit, it totally makes sense.

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4 thoughts on “So who’s paying Michael Avenatti?

  • May 10, 2018 at 11:58 am

    Sputtering out like a wet fart! I laughed so hard I spit my coffee out all over my laptop!
    I believe we will find the same rich liberal group paying Fusion GPS are behind this.

  • May 10, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    I did not see that picture coming. ROFL!

  • May 10, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    He looks like John Travolta. LOL

  • May 11, 2018 at 9:00 am

    Rumors are, CNN is having issues with Stormy. Seems as though they can’t keep her in the studio for a full day of non-stop interviews, she keeps sneaking out to give blow jobs to strangers.

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