Some dead people don’t count

Fast on the heels of nine people being gunned down by a crazy in Oregon, news that September 2015 was Chicago’s deadliest month in thirteen years emerged.

Sixty people were murdered in Chicago during the month of September.

Sixty people.

Oddly enough, Barack Obama has yet to huffily stomp in front of news cameras to rail against that particular “gun violence.”

Nothing says “disingenuous” quite like ignoring those deaths.

There’s a reason why some dead people don’t count.

Liberalism as an ideology has a long and storied history of exploitation in order to advance its agenda. If Obama cannot use the bodies of the dead to push his, they are of no use to him.

And sixty murdered Chicago residents just don’t help advance Liberalism.

Guns are already illegal in Chicago.

Most of the murders are gang-related. And increased gang-related violence stems in part from the increase of illegal aliens who are pouring into urban areas and bringing with them drugs, violence and increased crime.

Obama’s policies have done more to increase violence and chaos in cities like Chicago. He can’t shine a spotlight on Chicago without the spotlight’s glare splashing all over his agenda.

Because some dead people just don’t count. They’re not useful. There is no political capital to be gained by calling attention to their deaths.

This is why I know Obama’s outrage over the shooting in Oregon was fake. It was feigned.

It was all for the cameras.

In fact, so much so that the White House website posted a photograph of Obama watching the news coverage from Oregon as its “Photo of the Day:”

Photo of the day

But sixty dead in one month in one city doesn’t rate a “photo of the day.” They mean nothing to this White House because Obama is an opportunist. And those sixty dead bodies cannot be exploited, so they’re simply ignored.

Just like the rampant homicides in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, the list goes on and on.

Obama uses the dead in Oregon as a talking point, an agenda-driver, a political pawn.

What kind of calculating, heartless monster does that?

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