Something about this story sounds right

According to journalist Ed Klein, Barack Obama is prepared to endorse Joe Biden for the Democrat nomination on two conditions.

One, only if Obama is the one to select Biden’s running mate.

And two, only if Biden agrees to serve only one term, making way for Obama’s choice for his VP to run instead in 2020.

In addition, there is speculation among top Democratic sources that Obama has another quid pro quo for his endorsement: he wants Biden to choose an African American as his vice presidential running mate.
In this scenario, which Obama has not yet fully explained to Biden, Biden would promise to serve only one term in the White House, after which he would back his vice president to succeed him.
As Biden’s vice president, Obama is said to favor former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a close Obama ally who is the first and only African American to have served as governor of the Bay State.

I don’t know about you, but something about this story sounds right.

The only thing I believe is inaccurate is the notion that it is Obama behind these demands. My money is on Valerie Jarrett who we all know really is the one with the power in that White House. Obama’s just her sock puppet.

Puppet Master

I’ve been saying for quite some time that Obama, and more importantly, Valerie Jarrett do not want Hillary to be the nominee. Jarrett wants to keep her place in power so that she can, as she did with Obama, shape the agenda of the next president.

And let’s face it. Hillary would no sooner let Jarrett into the White House for a tour, let alone permit her to occupy a position of influence and power in a Clinton administration.

Don’t forget, when the Hillary email scandal first broke back in March, the story about it was leaked. And many insiders who would know, suspected Valerie Jarrett as the source of that leak.

Trust me, they want Hillary’s campaign to fail.

They want to make sure the next Democrat nominee, should he make it to the White House, is completely under Jarrett’s authority.

They’re not done fundamentally transforming America. America isn’t sufficiently Muslim yet. Israel still exists. There are still American citizens from whom they can extract trillions of dollars in confiscatory taxes to further their social engineering and wealth redistribution schemes. They haven’t completely tanked our economy yet. There are still pockets of this country where people live in freedom. They have many, many miles to go before they can claim victory over America.

And they want to make damn sure the next Democrat will play ball.

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