Sore losers can’t stop losing


I’ve been watching the absurd “Donald Junior colluded with Russians” story with amusement.

It’s fun watching the Enslaved Press and the Democrat Party double-down on a losing strategy.

Let’s face it. They have absolutely nothing else to offer.

The majority of Americans don’t trust the news media and believe the Democrat Party is out of touch.

They can’t win at the ballot box.

And they have absolutely no solutions or ideas.

So what does that leave them?

Well, not much.

They’re losing – losing the narrative, control, power, credibility. Hell, they’re losing on every front.

And when desperate people lose this badly, they become even more desperate and extreme.

But they’re not changing minds.

All they’re doing is feeding red meat to their already angry drones who are ready and willing to believe any conspiracy theory regardless of how inane it is.

I mean, come on.

The New York Times claims an email proves that Donald Junior knew Russia was trying to help his father win the election.

But where is this email?

Who knows?

Has the New York Times seen it or read it?


Donald Junior doesn’t deny the meeting happened. And he doesn’t deny that the meeting was set because the Trump campaign thought they were getting dirt on Hillary.

But what Presidential campaign doesn’t make use of opposition research?

Do you think Hillary Clinton’s campaign would have sanctimoniously told a Russian lawyer to go pound sand if said lawyer promised juicy dirt on Donald Trump?

Of course they wouldn’t.

And that’s how the so-called “dossier” came into being.

If Hillary’s campaign wasn’t able to utilize any and all sources of oppo research, they would have been dead in the water.

And this is the problem with these guys.

They’re so blind with anger over losing, they’re making really stupid mistakes.

And by screaming hysterically about this 20-minute meeting, they are inviting comparisons with Team Clinton – not to mention other Democrats.

Last year, I pointed out on multiple occasions that attacks on Donald Trump always set up a “rubber/glue” scenario.

As in, “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Everything you throw bounces off me and sticks to you.”

And this idiotic hit piece on Don Junior is no different.

Becoming hysterical and breathless about this 20-minute meeting that amounted to nothing and was never pursued only calls attention to what the Democrats have done in the past.

Like this:

And this:

And, of course, this:

And, lest we forget this:

Of course they’re invested in it.

It’s all they have.

They’re angry and they’re losing.

And desperate people who are losing their grip on power resort to desperate measures.

This is no “smoking gun.”

It’s nothing but mud.

For the Democrats, the goal isn’t to “seek justice” or “get to the truth.”

The goal is to muddy the waters just enough to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and undermine his Administration.

For the Fake News media, the goal isn’t to “report the facts.”

The goal is to get back at Trump for exposing them as frauds.

Both the Democrats and the Enslaved Press have lost their control and their power.

And like cornered wild animals, they are lashing out and attacking — desperate to regain what they lost.

But it isn’t helping them in the least.

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One thought on “Sore losers can’t stop losing

  • July 11, 2017 at 11:43 am

    They are despicable.
    We’ll just have to keep rubbing their nose in their own poop and say, “bad media! no!”
    Maybe one day they’ll learn.

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