Sorry but I wasn’t surprised

So, the Supreme Court has declared that despite the Obamacare law specifically stating that exchanges must be set up by the states, the Federal exchange is a-okay.

Sorry but I wasn’t surprised.

I wasn’t expecting the Supreme Court to strike down the Federal exchanges. If you were, I’m guessing it was wishful thinking on your part and not anything based on reality.

I do not expect the Supreme Court to read a statute and rule on what the statute says.

Do you?

After they twisted the language in Obamacare in such a way to make the law constitutional back in 2012, I knew they would twist the language once again to maintain these exchanges.


Because without the Federal exchange, the law would fall apart like the house of cards that it is.

The Supreme Court Justices weren’t interested in what is right. They were vested in ensuring that this big, unwieldy, liberty-crushing law stay in place.

We no longer live in a Constitutional Republic.

We have no representation.

There is no separation of powers.

Every branch of our government has been corrupted.

Meanwhile, We the People are stuck.

Stuck with the nightmare of Obamacare. Stuck footing the bill for every entitlement issued to illegal aliens.


Our culture is being destroyed.

Our identity being undermined.

Our liberty stripped from us no matter where we turn.

I would love to sit shocked and surprised that SCOTUS did the underhanded, Leftist thing.

But I’m not.

Our only hope is to wrest control of our government from these reckless, stupid, arrogant assholes.

Mark Levin is right. The only way to do that without firing the first shots of a second revolution is through the Convention of the States.

It really is the one and only “in case of emergency break glass” option we have left short of all-out war.

SIDE NOTE: Good post from Breitbart on Scalia’s dissent.

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2 thoughts on “Sorry but I wasn’t surprised

  • June 25, 2015 at 3:26 pm

    Contortions by the SCOTUS, House and Senate to twist themselves into not being called racist. No matter what this socialist community organizer does has no effect on the fear of being called racist. They bought it. They own it. But, we pay. Sorry Dr. Ben, as admirable you might be, you have a snowball’s chance in hell in being elected President. This a-hole ruined it. We needed a President Palmer, instead we got this. Shame? Is there still a thing called shame? Shame on you for voting for this communist.

  • June 26, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    Unlike so many previous exaggerated liberal claims, I think we can definitely declare this one was truly Bush’s fault — John Roberts is his appointee. 😉

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